Friday, May 17, 2013

IRS: 'Not corrupt, just incompetent'

At the ongoing House Ways and Means Committee hearing on the IRS targeting of political groups, US House Rep Peter Roskam has just summed up acting chief of the IRS Steve Miller's defense as, "The IRS is not corrupt but, as a subtext, we're just incompetent."

Revealing exchange.

US House Rep Peter Roskam: Why did you say you have notes if you don't have notes?

Steve Miller:  Sir, please.

US House Rep Peter Roskam:  Do you have notes or don't you have notes?

Steve Miller: (voice dripping with sarcasm) I don't know.

"Sir, please"?

Talk about coming to a hearing armed with arrogance.

Does no one brief officials anymore on how to conduct themselves in front of Congress?

There's a dispute as to whether Miller was relieved by US President Barack Obama this week or not due to an e-mail he sent out prior to the announcement stating he was wrapping up his job.  With the way Miller's acting this morning, that may become a huge issue in the press which has largely ignored it as a non-issue.

I'm not going to be posting throughout the hearing but Ava's grabbing notes so I could type this up.  I think Miller's arrogance in the face of the scandal -- which Barack himself has termed "outrageous" -- is rather telling.

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