Tuesday, June 18, 2013

We got hacked

Several journalists writing today and yesterday were informed in an e-mail from me (not from me) that I would be happy to do an interview with them.

That's one of many e-mails sent out today.  We got hacked.

If you got a reply today and it is not signed by Martha or Shirley or Eli or by me (and I sign in lower case "c.i." with a salutation), it wasn't from us.

I know who hacked and why.  I don't really care, I think it says a great deal about them and their lack of standards.

Apparently, everyone that wrote the public account in the last few weeks got e-mails today.

My apologies for that.

If you were writing Ruth or Kat or Isaiah or Mike or anyone else through the public e-mail and got a reply from 'me' (it wasn't from me), my apologizes.

If you were writing me and you think I've agreed to something, I haven't.  The snapshot is so late for two reasons and one of them is the fact that when we figured out what was going on, I've tried to fix the misunderstanding before posting here.

I don't do interviews as C.I.  I rarely do them offline as myself.  But a little prankster did enjoy replying to several people today that I would.

Again, my apologies.

If you received a response from me today, you didn't.  Until 7:00 pm EST, when we figured what was going on, I hadn't sent a single e-mail.  Since then, I've sent e-mails to those who responded to the fake e-mails.  If I missed you or if you're confused (and I'm sure it's confusing I'm rushing because I have to do the snapshot), feel free to e-mail the public account at  common_ills@yahoo.com.  I'll try to reduce the confusion.  Again, my apologies.