Thursday, December 12, 2013

9 killed and 15 injured

Zhu Ningzhu (Xinhua) reports Iraq has signed a contract to purchase "24 multi-role light fighters from South Korea" to help fight 'terrorism.'  'Terrorism,' in Nouri's Iraq, means the Iraqi people.  Nouri is quoted stating, "Today we have signed a contract to purchase the Korean 24 T- 50IQ aircraft for training and military operations. The deal signals a start of enhancing the performance of the Ministries of Defense and Interior in the aspects of defending the country and fighting terrorism."  Nouri, due to his illegal power grab, currently is the Minister of the Interior (police) and the Minister of Defense (military).

The violence continues today in Iraq.  National Iraqi News Agency reports that a Baghdad suicide bomber claimed the lives of 5 Iraqi soldiers and left twelve more injured,  Sahwa leader Sheikh Saleh al-Dulaimi was shot dead leaving his Ramadi home, a Baquba roadside bombing left three people injured, 1 person was shot dead outside his Baquba home, and police shot dead 2 suspects in Ramadi,

Supposedly, Parliamentary elections will take place April 30th.  Yesterday All Iraq News quoted MP Jawad al-Hasnawi stating, "I do not think that Maliki will get the third term as the PM of Iraq due to the current situations and the security deterioration in addition to the floods."  Mustafa Habib (Niqash) examined the political situation in Iraq last Thursday:

As political parties prepare for upcoming general elections, some very important alliances are falling apart. Shiite Muslim parties allied in the current governing coalition led by PM Nouri-al-Maliki say they will campaign alone - and they won’t promise al-Maliki another term. Amid a surge in sectarian violence, could the country finally be entering a post-sectarian political era?  

Prominent Shiite Muslim politicians in Baghdad have confessed that there is one major reason why the previously strong alliance of Shiite Muslim parties is breaking up. This alliance was what allowed current Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to form his ruling coalition, the State of Law bloc. But now, as political parties start negotiating partnerships and jockeying for position ahead of the upcoming general elections, scheduled for April 2014, the formerly strong Shiite Muslim alliances have fallen apart.

A special meeting was held in Baghdad on Nov. 18 at which all member parties of al-Maliki’s alliance were present. A statement was issued afterwards declaring, “Shiite Muslim parties are enthusiastic about competing in the coming elections together”. But this seems to have been spin: The reality on the ground is very different.

“The State of Law bloc has asked that all other parties that want to enter into an alliance with it agree ahead of elections that if they win, the future Prime Minister will come from the Dawa party and that that party will not nominate anyone other than Nouri al-Maliki,” a senior politician, who did not want to be named, told NIQASH. “This is why the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq and the Sadrist bloc are avoiding any such alliance.”

The strongest Shiite Muslim parties in Iraq are al-Maliki’s Dawa party, the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, or ISCI, headed by cleric Ammar al-Hakim and the Sadrist bloc, headed by another cleric Muqtada al-Sadr. There are also other minor Shiite Muslim parties such as the National Reform Trend headed by former Prime Minister, Ibrahim al-Jaafari, and the Islamic Virtue Party, or Fadhila, headed by controversial Najaf-based cleric, Mohammed Musa al-Yaqoubi.

Both the Sadrist bloc and the ISCI seem firm about their intentions not to enter into an alliance with al-Maliki’s party again. Both al-Hakim and al-Sadr have been critical of al-Maliki’s government, with al-Sadr being very harsh, very publicly and al-Hakim tending to be quietly critical. 

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  • Lastly, the Green Party of Michigan issued the following:

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    Grassroots Democracy  *  Non-Violence

    Green Party of Michigan

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      December 12, 2013

    For More Information, Contact:
    John Anthony La Pietra, GPMI Elections Co-ordinator
        (269) 781-9478

    Michigan Greens Call for Repeal of Wolf-Hunt Bill
    Legislature's Decision to Allow Hunt Not Justified by Science;
    Also Shows Contempt for the People's Power of Referendum

        The Green Party of Michigan (GPMI) has adopted a resolution
    opposing the wolf hunt authorized this year by the state Legislature in
    Public Act 21 of 2013 as cruel, unnecessary, unscientific, and

        GPMI made the decision after hearing from the sponsors of two
    citizen petition drives to keep Michigan wolves protected -- one
    deliberately nullified by the Legislature's action -- and from Native
    American tribes who claim their treaty rights to be consulted about the
    wolves' fate were ignored.

        Linda Cree, a member of the GPMI's State Central Committee who
    lives in a rural/wilderness area of the Upper Peninsula, proposed the

        "Most of my extended family are hunters, and good ones," Cree says.
      "They put a lot of food on the table through hunting.  Greens support
    such regional self-sufficiency.  But obviously, the wolf is not being
    hunted for food."

        Two-time GPMI gubernatorial candidate Doug Campbell adds, "The
    current Legislature is violating the voice of the people, clearly
    expressed in a legitimate referendum petition.

        "If people want representatives who respect their voting and
    petition rights, they should elect Green legislators instead."

        John Anthony La Pietra, GPMI's elections co-ordinator, agrees.
    "Those in power in Lansing, Republicans and Democrats, keep stealing
    power from the people.  End runs around referendum efforts on this issue
    and the Emergency Manager law are just two examples -- not to mention
    making it harder for voters to recall unresponsive representatives."

        La Pietra, an election law and civil-rights attorney from Marshall
    and GPMI's 2010 nominee for Secretary of State, has drafted a petition
    for a potential state Constitutional amendment to clarify that the
    people's referendum power covers all laws except those whose single
    subject is appropriating state money or meeting deficiencies in state

        For more information about the Green Party of Michigan, its values,
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    in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.  Each
    state Green Party sets its own goals and creates its
    own structure, but US Greens agree on Ten Key Values:

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    GPMI Statement Opposing
    Michigan Wolf-Hunting Law
    (adopted by the State Central
    Committee December 10, 2013)
        The Green Party of Michigan denounces Michigan’s new law permitting
    wolf hunting as cruel and unnecessary, and is committed to its repeal.
    The hunt has been promoted as being necessary to deal with wolf
    predation on livestock and pets, and to keep people safe.  There are
    already effective measures in place, however, as current laws allow for
    the killing of problem wolves to protect livestock, pets, or humans.
    The state also compensates ranchers for any livestock losses to wolves.
      (It should also be noted that there has never been a recorded attack
    of a human by a wolf in Michigan.)

        We also oppose the process in which citizen petitions were
    circumvented by a hastily passed Senate Bill which took control over the
    listing of endangered species out of the legislature and handed it over
    to political appointees.  This means that even if voters get a measure
    against the wolf hunt on the ballot in 2014, their votes will have no
    meaning.  This is the same kind of cynical political maneuvering that
    has made it impossible for citizens to repeal the Emergency Manager law,
    and represents another blatant undermining of the democratic process
    through denial of citizen initiatives.

        We also understand that the Anishinaabe view the wolf (ma'iingan)
    as a brother and as humanity's first companion; their creation story
    teaches that what happens to one will happen to the other.

        In view of the above, the Green Party of Michigan considers the Act
    legalizing the killing of wolves for no better reason than bloodsport a
    violation of basic respect for life; an affront to the democratic
    process in our state; and a slap in the face to Michigan’s First Nations
    people, who view the wolf as a close relative.

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