Thursday, January 09, 2014

Kat's Korner: All hail the new stud

Kat: How dead was my Wednesday night?  I was in front of the TV, nursing a mild cold, flipping the channels and ended up sticking with CBS' The People's Choice Awards.  2 Broke Girls' Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs hosting was reason enough to stick around.  At least for me.

Turns out 91 people have complained to the FCC about the broadcast, calling it "soft porn" and objecting to the use of the term "vagina."  That confuses me.

We are aware "vagina" isn't used in "soft porn," aren't we?

I mean was it "soft porn" or not?

I think the people objecting were the same ones saying America was going to hell in 1976 -- our bicentennial, no less -- because a group of child actors were cursing (mildly) in The Bad News Bears.  1976 may have been a time I watched this awards show.  Back when we just had ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS and a few independents.

I'm not big on them to begin with.  I get restless and bored and it's all so pre-programmed. For example, did you catch the tears of James Franco when he lost to Adam Sandler?  No?  Wonder why that is?  The word on People's Choice has always been the winners are informed before the event to ensure they'll be there.

Regardless, Beth and Kat were good sports and Beth had a little bit with country music artist Brad Paisley.  He was a good sport and they were charming together.

I wasn't surprised he was a good sport, I've bumped into him twice and he's always seemed unassuming and grounded.

Then, later in the program, he performed "The Mona Lisa" and what a moment.

All hail the new stud.

But he owes a big debt to Heidi Klum.

You don't get to Heidi's level in the fashion world without knowing a trick or two and she was exactly right, when Brad was moving through the crowd, to pull off his cowboy hat.

It was a nice hat but it needed to go. We'd seen it and we needed to see more.

Brad was delivering and Heidi took it to a new level.

Was he raw and real like he seemed?

Off with the hat and, what do you know, messy hair.

I'm not complaining.

He looked even hotter and more authentic.

The older Bruce Springsteen gets, and Grandpa's pretty long in the tooth, the more and more he tries to simulate rawness, passion and intensity.  His singing has become like Dylan McDermott's line readings -- you know the 'loud' whisper is coming.

Last night, Brad Paisley left 'the Boss' in the dust.  At a time when Bruce is gearing up for his big comeback with an album of re-shoveling the same old s**t, Brad Paisley pumped out all the life, sweat and wildness Bruce was once capable of . . . nearly 40 years ago.

All hail the new stud in town.

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