Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Nouri's Iraq: Bombing hospitals, arresting journalists, killing civilians

Barack got in bed with Nouri al-Maliki and all he's done since is ask for reassurance from Nouri that he's as big as Bully Boy Bush was.  He's provided Nouri with weapons and cover.

Alsumaria reports Nouri has again bombed Falluja General Hospital -- 2 nurses are dead and eight more injured.  In addition, his bombing of the residential neighborhoods of Falluja left 50 civilians injured.  In addition, Tarek Ammar (Alsumaria) notes Falluja General Hospital later recived 2 corpses of civilians killed by Nouri's bombings as well as five more injured.

Nouri kills Iraqi civilians right now and Barack ensures that (a) Nouri gets away with it and (b) Nouri doesn't get called out.

Today, Nouri's out of control forces were active in Basra.  Alsumaria reports a peaceful protest was taking place in Basra and that Al Baghdadi journalist Haider Abbas Hilfi and his brother (who is his media assistant) were attempting to cover the protests when security forces grabbed them.

This is who Bully Boy Bush installed in 2006.  This is the tyrant the Iraqi people tried to kick out in 2010 but Barack Obama decided should have a second term.

Nouri has provided a steady flow of violence in Iraq.  Not much else thought.

National Iraqi News Agency reports an Alraqqah roadside bombing left 1 police member dead and three more injured, a Higgag Village attack left 4 Iraqi soldiers dead, and a Baghdad sticky bombing killed 1 person.  Alsumaria adds security forces say they killed 14 suspects, 1 person was shot dead in Tarmiya, and a Baghdad mortar attack killed 1 child and left another civilian injured.

The following community sites -- plus NPR, FPIF, Jake Tapper, Jody Watley, Cindy Sheehan, Susan's On the Edge, Antiwar.com, KPFK, Ms. magazine's blog, Z on TV, Black Agenda Report, ACLU and House Veterans Affairs Committee -- updated last night.

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