Sunday, July 27, 2014

I Hate The War

And I do.

And I hate the fake ass.

Which would include the US House of Representatives.

I had avoided the topic, I had other things to do, real things to focus on.

But it's the weekend which means I'm the only one working the public e-mail account for this site.

And one person after another e-mails to inform me about the important measure the House passed on Congress and how it really is something and needs to be noted.

It is nothing.

It is less than nothing.

When you see Barbara Lee's name, that's your first clue that someone let the fake ass into the room.

Barack is conducting war under a 9-11 authorization.  He's destroying civil liberties and much more with that.

If you missed it, fake ass Barbara Lee has wanted it repealed for some time. She's done nothing.

Just like her yearly "If we're still in Afghanistan next year I am going to do something."

She never does.  She's a fake ass.

She's a useless liar who preens and poses but doesn't give a damn about peace because she's so far up Barack's ass.

Barbara Lee is only convincing when Republicans hold the White House and control the Congress -- it lets her play the victim -- a role she excels at.

The House voted on a measure last week saying that Barack could not conduct military operations (with US troops) in Iraq without Congressional approval.

They passed a measure that basically says what the Constitution already did.

There was nothing brave about their actions.

It's not a law.

Harry Reid will never allow it to pass in the Senate.

It's a fake ass action.

The House controls the purse.

The measure did not say, "We believe in this and we will not fund any such action."

They could have refused to fund under Bully Boy Bush and ended the Iraq War there and then.

As former US Senator Mike Gravel repeatedly pointed out, they could have filibustered -- just one of them -- and brought it all to an end.

They didn't.

They're fake asses.

Last week, a number of them -- including Barbara Lee -- stroked and finger banged themselves.

They got off.

Good for them.

But I don't have to watch it.

I'm not a voyeur.  And have you seen Lee and her cohorts?  None of them have bodies that would make it on the big screen.

It was not about Iraq, it was about grand standing over doing nothing.

Barbara Lee is a whorish politician.

I don't have time for it.

While she and others play the victim, the reality is the presidency is not above Congress.  It is a co-equal branch (as is the Supreme Court) and I've had it with b.s. actions from chicken s**t politicians.

Nouri al-Maliki is being supplied with Hellfire missiles which he uses on the Iraqi people.

That's blood on trashy Barbara Lee's hands.  She can fool a lot of the people with her empty remarks and meaningless gestures but at the end of the day she's just another whore in Congress dancing for the war machine.

It's over, I'm done writing songs about love
There's a war going on
So I'm holding my gun with a strap and a glove
And I'm writing a song about war
And it goes
Na na na na na na na
I hate the war
Na na na na na na na
I hate the war
Na na na na na na na
I hate the war
Oh oh oh oh
-- "I Hate The War" (written by Greg Goldberg, on The Ballet's Mattachine!)

The number of US service members the Dept of Defense states died in the Iraq War is [PDF format warning] 4489.

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