Thursday, July 10, 2014

Nouri keeps killing civilians, US press keeps ignoring the murders

Dan Lamothe (Washington Post) offers, "For weeks, the Iraqi government and the U.S. media have pressed the Pentagon on why it will not deliver the first F-16 fighters promised to Baghdad until later this year." In doing so, he becomes part of the problem.

First off, the delay was known some time ago and why.

And the why was always human rights concerns.  There would be no effort to 'overnight' F-16s to Iraq.

It's strange to read Lamothe's overly long article (that never offers more than the sentence quoted earlier) and grasp that he never notes the human rights issues.

Do people not matter to the Washington Post?  Has circulation dropped so low that they are no longer concerned with humanity?

Nouri's attacking the Iraqi people.

That's why Barack had to strong arm the Congress to get the latest shipments of weapons to Iraq.  (That does not include the F-16s.  They have been on this schedule for years now. Everyone but Lamothe appears to be aware of that.)

The Senate -- especially Senator Robert Menendez, who chairs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee -- was concerned about Nouri's human rights abuses and for good reason.

NINA reports Falluja General Hospital released numbers today on the dead and injured from Nouri's bombings of Falluja's residential neighborhoods (which is legally defined as a War Crime).  Since January 1st, Nouri has killed 542 civilians in Falluja and injured 1880 more.

Yet, Nouri keeps getting more bombs and missiles from the US government -- in violation of treaties, laws and the Leahy Amendment.

After the hospital's announcement, another of Nouri's bombings killed 3 civilians in Falluja and left four more injured.

The White House has shamed itself and the people it is supposed to represent by arming Nouri (breaking the law) and refusing to publicly rebuke him for his non-stop killing spree.

In other violence,  National Iraqi News Agency reports Lt Gen Qassim Atta declared that armed forces killed 25 suspects in Jurfis-Sakhar, Atta also declared 47 suspects were killed in Tikrit, a Kirkuk motorcycle bombing left seven people injured, a mortar shell attack on Jurf al-Sakar left five people injured, a Baiji mortar attack left 3 people dead and sixteen injured, an armed attack in Ramadi left 3 people dead, 11 farmers were kidnapped in Al-Gelam, and 3 bombings south of Tikrit left 4 police members dead and two more injured.

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