Monday, July 07, 2014

Iraq falls apart (politically) again

Iraq needs a political solution, that's what US President Barack Obama said.

So when's it coming?

Last Tuesday, the Parliament met.  And accomplished nothing -- in part due to Nouri's refusal to do the right thing and step aside.  His thuggery, corruption and ignorance has brought Iraq to the brink.  He's actually forbidden from a third term in the Constitution because of the way it's written.  Even so the Parliament passed a law to stop a third term -- for anyone -- and Nouri had the court he controls strike it down.

In 2011, he told AFP he wouldn't seek a third term.

But Nouri can't get a job anywhere else.  He'll never be in a position to steal as much money as he already has from the Iraqi people.  His 'playboy' son can't get a job so Nouri creates government jobs for him -- and the inept son still screws it up.

Nouri's going to try to ride the gravy train until he's dead.

He's the new Saddam.  He should face the same fate Saddam Hussein did -- strung up and hanged.

He's tortured Iraqis, he's run secret prisons, he's called every Sunni a 'terrorist' at one point or another in his second term.

He's tried to get Iraqis to kill gay and lesbian teenagers.

He's vile and disgusting.

He cheats on his wife and sexually harasses women.

I don't understand in any of this or in the last four years where an 'accomplishment' exists which argues Nouri needs a third term?

Tomorrow, the Parliament was supposed to meet again.

That's not happening.

Everything imploded today and, as Alsumaria notes, August 12th may be when Parliament next meets.  Alsumaria also notes the National Alliance is calling for a session of Parliament no later than a week from now and that Mehdi al-Hafez, who is acting Speaker, is stating it looks like there is agreement on holding a session within a week.

As everything falls apart, Barack needs help.  Thank goodness, he's been a good friend to the Kurds and can count on them.

Oh, wait.

No, he's treated the Kurds like crap.

And done so repeatedly.

Unlike some sites, we noted the rise of Massoud Barzani on the national stage and noted the difference between him and Jalal.  Maybe, like bad bloggers, Barack spent too much time 'musing on Iraq' as opposed to giving it serious thought.

Yeah, Barack picked a bad time to piss off the Kurds.  Jackson Diehl (Washington Post) reports on the new Kurdish realities.

 Pressed by Secretary of State John F. Kerry, the Kurds agreed to negotiate on a new central government. But they insisted they also will go forward with a referendum on “self-determination for Kurdistan.” They have no intention of returning to a status in which they depend on the central government for revenue, refrain from directly exporting their own oil and defer their claim to Kirkuk.
“The Kurds are being told to lead the engagement” for a new government, said Bakir, in a not-so-subtle reference to Kerry. “In return for what?”

Oh, Joel Wing, you came up short again.  You bet on Nouri, you pledged allegiance to him, you attacked this site and me for noting the rise of the Kurds and specifically the rise of Massoud Barzani and what this meant for Iraq and the US.

Now you're revealed as the shallow 'analyst' you are, capable only of gas baggery.  Whereas we were -- yet again -- able to see several miles around the corner, to anticipate where this was all leading.

But don't worry.  You'll always have Prashant Rao and all the other boys pulling each others' cocks in the circle jerk as you lazy minded fools pretend you accomplish something.

"Wrong again."  That should be your motto.

Some people really aren't up to analytical thought.

It's a skill, you either have it or you don't.  Your body of work makes clear you don't have it.

In fairness to Joel Wing, he's still vastly smarter than the voices Barack's listening to.

NINA reports MP Hakem al-Zamli (part of Moqtada al-Sadr's bloc) states that the three presidencies (Speaker of Parliament, Prime Minister and President) will all be decided in the next session of Parliament.

Round and round it goes.

Turning to some of today's violence, National Iraqi News Agency reports a Dora sticky bombing left 1 person dead and another injured, a Falluja bombing killed Iraqi Major General Abdullah Ali Najim, an eastern Baghdad roadside bombing left two people injured, a suicide car bomber in northern Baghdad took his own life and the lives of 3 police members with ten more people left injured, security forces killed 16 suspects in Sharqat, and 1 corpse was discovered "dumped in the al-Obeidi area east of Baghdad." All Iraq News adds that the Peshmerga announced they killed 4 suspects in Jalawla.

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