Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veterans Day Message from Paralyzed Veterans of America National President

Paralyzed Veterans of Americans issued the following:

Veterans Day Message from Paralyzed Veterans of America National President: 'Do More for Our Nation's Veterans, Today, Tomorrow and Throughout the Year'

Paralyzed Veterans of America National President Al Kovach, Jr.Paralyzed Veterans of America National President Al Kovach issued the following statement in honor of Veterans Day:

“As a nation, we join together on this special day to honor the sacrifices made over many generations in the name of freedom. Whether we call them Millennials, Gen Xers, or the Greatest Generation, their common identity is characterized by a willingness to stand between tyranny and democracy, and to ensure our freedom.  We pay tribute to all: those who took their last breath staring into the face of the enemy; those who suffered permanent disability or illness; those who missed births, graduations, and funerals while serving abroad; as well as our future veterans, those who were patrolling the hills of Afghanistan and deserts of Iraq this very morning as most of us ate breakfast, kissed loved ones, and carried forward with the routine aspects of our day.

Paralyzed Veterans of America honors the millions of nameless and faceless veterans who have fought around the globe only to return to the normalcy and welcomed anonymity that families and supportive communities could offer. People casually observe their aged faces or notice their disabled bodies, greet them in passing, and treat them as ordinary individuals. But those who know them know better. They have seen the uniforms, medals, patches, photographs, and letters stowed away in attics and footlockers that tell the tales of valor and hardship. Many of these veterans avoid glory for their achievements as they defer honor to those fallen comrades who paid the heaviest cost—the true heroes, in their eyes.

As we honor the veterans still among us, as well as the dearly departed who embody true service and sacrifice, we should also use this occasion to celebrate the most unique aspect of our country’s democracy: the immigrants who wore the uniform and earned their rightful place in American society through honorable military service. From Michael Valente to August Teytland to Laszlo Rabel, three immigrants who served, three immigrants among a long list of adopted patriots who earned the Congressional Medal of Honor, we treasure their legacies that simply add to the richness of our collective American tradition. 

Today, we pay homage to all the brave men and women who have so proudly worn the uniforms of our armed services and defended our great country. I am honored to be counted in their company, and I am grateful to be working side by side with many others at Paralyzed Veterans of America, as we continue to support all veterans with the work we do.

To everyone honoring our nation’s best and bravest on this special day, thank you for recognizing their sacrifices. And I encourage you to do more, today, tomorrow, and throughout the entire year.  Thank our veterans for their service by supporting your local veterans organizations. Seek out ways to volunteer and get involved. Hire a veteran. Be their advocates. Be their heroes. Carry on a tradition that dates back to November of 1919, when President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed Armistice Day, a day for all of America to acknowledge the debt we owe all of our veterans and pledge to pay that debt by serving and supporting them in every way we can.”

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