Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Battle of Bull Run... The Second American Civil War Has Begun... And It Started Over Vaccines...

I don't know everything nor do I pretend to.  I have not attacked 9/11 researchers and will not.  JFK researchers unearthed many important details that better inform us today.  I'm sure the same will be true of 9/11 researchers whether or not their guiding belief is established as fact.  (I'm not saying it won't be.)  And if you're going to put your own time into something, better to make it something that really matters -- like 9/11 as opposed to getting lost in some 'reality' show repeatedly.  

Autism is an issue I've long given my time and money to.  It's a very important issue to me.  As a result, I long ago decided I would not take sides on the vaccine debate.  I have friends dealing with this issue who are part of families where one side believes one way and the other believes the other.  I've seen families close to being torn apart over this and one of the biggest families active on this cause reduced to a warring group that will no longer speak to one another.

I'm not interested in that division.  I'm not interested in that hostility.  Both sides are welcome to work with me on this issue in any way possible and they don't have to like the other side or agree with the other side but they do have to remember the focus is autism.

This month, Elaine (who's a friend that goes back forever -- we lived together in college with our other friend Rebecca -- and I knew Elaine before that because I dated her brother in high school) wrote a really important piece "Autism" which I highly recommend.

There have been so many attacks on and distortions of those concerned over the vaccines.

In the autism community, many of those people are not -- as the media narrative falsely claims -- against vaccines.

Their issue is with a mercury preservative being used in the vaccine.

As Elaine pointed out, we are concerned about consuming fish due to the mercury levels.  (I love sea food but I live in the Bay Area so I have to be very careful when I consume locally -- all the more so do to my breast cancer scare.)  But we're okay with vaccines for our children containing mercury (it's used because it makes it cheaper).

This is an issue that two sides really can't meet on?  

Truly, we can't agree that mercury inside children's vaccines -- whether it causes autism or not -- is not a good thing and something we should move away from?

This would do so much to reduce the debate and distrust on both sides.

Again, Elaine wrote a wonderful post.

And I have to say all the above because we're about to highlight a piece on autism that takes a position.  If anyone ever sent a pro-(mercury based) vaccine article, I'd be willing for it to go up here because I am not taking sides.  But I've seen so many people ridiculed -- mainly by uninformed asses -- for questioning (and I don't ever support shutting down anyone asking serious questions) that I'll always try to make time for their view to be heard here.  

But, again, I am not taking sides.  I can't.  I am known for not taking sides on this issue.  I take a side on the Iraq War, I take a side on abortion, I take a side on many things.  But I will not take a side on this and in my silly mind we can all work together on autism. 

With all that in mind, here's the piece sent to the public e-mail account:

The Battle of Bull Run...

The Second American Civil War Has Begun...

And It Started Over Vaccines...

Opinion by Consumer Advocate  Tim Bolen

Tuesday, April 21st , 2015

Tens of thousands of parents of vaccine injured children, in California,
woke up one morning, not long ago, to find that their Democratic Party
controlled legislature had given up any semblance of representing the
people that elected them.  They had become only about special interest.
Money talks.

I'm surprised that the Democrats still let citizens approach government
buildings in Sacramento, the State capitol, any more. (sarcasm intended).

In a busy life, the kind the year 2015 generates, it isn't hard to lose
track of what's happening in your State capitol.  Parents need to get to
work.  Get the kids to school. Buy groceries.  Wait in line at the gas
station.  Survive.


But now, as, not only parents of vaccine injured children are finding out,
parents in general, civil rights advocates, families, churches, protectors
of liberty, and anyone not in the Democratic Party grab-everything-in-sight
controlled government in California, are finding that their legislators
apparently represent ONLY THOSE that write checks to those same Democratic
Party legislators.  The Democrats control the State.  There is a reason
that California, along with Washington and Oregon, are known as "The Left

It's the Left Coast - with a hand out waiting for cash...

But, down below in this article, I have something to show you that is
changing the course of this campaign.

To read the entire article, click on: