Thursday, August 06, 2015

The excuses, the continued failures

Last weekend saw protests across Iraq.  Abdul Latif al-Saadoun (MEM) observes today:

"If we cannot provide enough electric power for the Iraqis, why don't the families buy private generators?" asked an Iraqi official during a recent press interview. It was similar to the quotation misattributed to French Queen Marie Antoinette two hundred years ago; if the people don't have bread, "Then let them eat cake."
Again, like the French, the Iraqis revolted by igniting the uprising in Basra. This spread around the country and this time the Iraqi leaders could not blame the Yazidis, which they had done in the past when there was activity in Iraq's western cities. Those who gathered in Iraq's Tahrir and other Squares did not belong to a specific sect, race or party. They gathered as Iraqis and expressed their anger at their rulers who have subjected them to decades of failure, with neither justice nor anything as mundane as new building projects. Instead, the leaders conspired in the name of religion to loot the country's wealth and used its resources to satisfy their evil desires and feed their obsession for money and power.

al-Saadoun goes on to note how the Iraqi government went on to blame the Islamic State with Ammar al-Hakim (leader of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq) insisting that the protesters themselves were members of the Islamic State.  How very sad events have been for al-Hakim.  His relationship with the US has soured.  He's not moved forward or higher in the political hierarchy of Iraq.  And now he's attacking the people in a manner that recalls Nouri al-Maliki's ridiculous attacks on the protesters.

Also looking ridiculous?  The government of Turkey.  They continue bombing northern Iraq despite protests from Iraq's Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, the Cabinet and various politicians.  This week, Nabil Elaraby, head of the Arab League, added his voice to those calling out the bombings.  BGN News notes the response from the Turkish government has been to condemn the remarks.  The statement insists that Turkey is being terrorized.

Some how this gives them the 'right' to terrorize northern Iraq where they are bombing villages and farms and wounding and killing civilians.

Middle East Eye notes that the Islamic State is claiming that they are in full control of Baiji.

If true, it's an even more damning comment on the 'strategy' to confront the Islamic State.

As Iraqi forces flounder in Anbar Province, it should be remembered that when Ramadi fell (Ramadi is in Anbar Province) to the Islamic State months ago, it happened at the same time as the Baiji refinery was in danger of being seized.

Instead of protecting the Iraqi people in Anbar, Haider order forces to Baiji.

That underscored what he considered the real priority.

If the Islamic State now controls Baiji, it again proves the 'plan' or 'strategy' by Haider and Barack is an unmitigated failure.

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