Sunday, October 25, 2015

I'm not interested in the bulls**t

Republicans are evil?

Why would you even send me that crap?

Forget why would you ever write it, why would you send it?

Republicans are Americans.

If you're a supposed political activist, David Swanson, why would you insult a good portion of the country instead of working to sway them over to what you believe?

And who are you to call people "evil"?

Are you Bully Boy Bush, is that it?

Are you set on dividing the country into the 'good' and the 'evil doers'?

I don't need this crap.  Don't sent it to me.

Republicans are not evil.

They may think differently than I do but they are not evil -- and certainly not because they're Republicans.

I wasted time reading through that piece thinking there was some larger understanding that would come at the end but it never arrived.

It was just a little whine by a spoiled brat who's too old to get away with temper tantrums in public.

You want to attack politicians, go after them.

But you didn't attack politicians, you attacked the people.

Just because someone disagrees with you -- even on a New Deal program -- does not make them "evil."

And your crap ass writing is no help to anyone.

What program that the Republicans want to supposedly end makes them evil?

Is it Social Security?

Well, I see a lot of Republican politicians and Democratic politicians working overtime to dismantle Social Security and that's been going on for several decades now.

Is it abortion?

I'm sorry David, you're a bit of a coward there because we were the ones, right here, in early 2005, calling out the Democratic efforts to walk away from abortion rights.

And we got all the flack for it.

That was Democratic politicians.

You didn't say a word.

Abortion only enters your mind when you can clobber Republicans with it.

Is it war?

Again Democratic and Republican politicians brought us the illegal Iraq War.

I am sick and disgusted with the non-stop attacks on the American people.

MSNBC prime time line up specializes in that which is why it has bombed.

If David Swanson -- and others -- truly want to sway public opinion, they're going to have to stop insulting We The People.

They're going to have to stop calling them "evil."

This is beyond stupid, it's self-destructive.

I don't have time for it.

The next time you hate on a group of American people and feel you need to write about it, have the decency not to send it to me and waste my time with your garbage.

The American people can respond to arguments.

They're not going to respond to insults.

And you need to remember something.

Outside your air bubble, people have friends and family who are not all the same political party.

When you insult all Republicans, you're likely insulting someone they love -- unless, like you, they live in an air bubble.

I don't have time for the crap that comes to the public e-mail.

Bioneers -- or whatever you are -- say why, in your subject line -- you're e-mailing.

What is it, ten e-mails from you?

I don't have the time.

The people who work the public account during the week don't have the time.

Tips for getting your piece posted here or linked to?

1) Write about Iraq.

2) Write about war.

3) Write about abortion.

Ways to ensure it will never be posted?

Insult American citizens.

That might make you feel powerful but you just look cowardly.

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