Wednesday, November 11, 2015

No proud moment for the White House this Veterans Day

It's Veterans Day and, across the country, many local and state articles are similar to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's "Number of homeless veterans declines across Pittsburgh region."


We all get to feel good for a day and wallow in stupidity!!!

I'm sorry, "declines"?

It's 2015.

November of 2015.

There's one month left in the year.

Homeless veterans?

That's supposed to be over on December 31st.

Or did we all forget Barack Obama's promise -- five years ago -- to put an end to veterans' homelessness in five years?

Maybe we didn't forget?

Maybe we're just liars like Jon Stewart?

During the July interview that eventually aired on The Daily Show, Stewart asked about that issue.

Didn't press, you understand.

But he asked.

And let Barack get off with the claim that he'd reduced homeless veterans by 1/3.

First, he hasn't and don't hand me the fact checkers.

The bulk of the homeless are from wars prior to Iraq and Afghanistan.

It is an aging population.

So before the next fact checker rushes to insist that Barack -- using the administration's own (unverified) data -- is right, tell me how many, for example, Vietnam era veterans who were homeless died in the last five years?

Can't do it, can you?

So all the hacks can sit their tired asses down.

Second, Barack's promise was not that he would reduce the number of homeless veterans by a third.

Even the fact fudging Jon Stewart grasped that.

Which is why that portion of the interview never aired on The Daily Show but instead was some scraps served up at the website.

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