Monday, February 01, 2016

NYT can't stop covering (gushing over) Hillary, but can't find the persecution of Sunnis in Iraq

Let's just note and comment on two Tweets this morning.

First up . . .

  • Paper endorsed W invading on trumped INTEL, w/ Hillary's vote. What exactly did they learn fm that HUGE error?

  • The paper, of course, is THE NEW YORK TIMES.

    Hillary has done her homework.

    It's just that whenever it's actually graded, she flunks.


    Whether it's Iraq or The PATRIOT Act or this or that.

    She fails.

    She does do that homework.

    She just does it wrong.

    The paper itself?

    It seems to think that mini-culpa all those years ago was all it needed to do.

    And, certainly, when Jill was editor, it worked overtime to bury news about Iraq.  That's why, right before the first 2012 presidential debate, when Tim Arango had news that President Barack Obama had just sent a brigade of Special Ops into Iraq, it was buried in the middle of a report on Syria instead getting its own story and the headline it deserved.

    THE NEW YORK TIMES has had plenty of chances to recover its reputation -- and plenty of executive editors.

    It's becoming clear that it's selling of the Iraq War was a moment that defined the paper and one that it will never shake free from.

    Second Tweet we're noting:

  • But is it covered by western outlets?

    REUTERS has done a story, yes.


    Not so much.

    I'd hate to say that political implications are causing various American outlets to censor themselves.  But that does appear to be the case.

    Brenda reminds that Isaiah's THE WORLD TODAY JUST NUTS "Iowa Cozy" went up last night.

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