Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Another Iraq press failure

It just may be the Tweet of the week:

  • After dramatic media hype, PM Abadi & his comrades caged in the Green Zone agreed to continue the etho-sectarian distribution of power

  • It certainly says it all.

    "Dramatic media hype."

    As we noted in last night's snapshot, to push that drama, they had to ignore the pushback which was immediate.


    Our April 2nd snapshot noted at length the various objections to what Haider al-Abadi was proposing.

    REUTERS didn't report it.

    AP didn't cover it.


    But if you read Arabic, you could find coverage from the Iraqi press -- and we did.

    It was obvious immediately that this plan cooked up by the White House was going to fail.

    And it has.

    That hydrocarbons legislation?

    They want it, they want it so bad.

    They being elements of the ruling class in the United States.

    They wanted it when Bully Boy Bush was in the White House.

    And they tried repeatedly to get it.

    Bully Boy Bush even made it one of his 2007 benchmarks -- the passage of that legislation.

    He failed repeatedly.

    As has Barack.

    And bad news -- and, no surprise, unreported by US outlets -- Iraqi officials are calling for the oil wealth to be distributed to the people.

    It's not just Shi'ite cleric and movement leader Moqtada al-Sadr -- though he has been the most prominent thus far.

    The story of Iraq's oil is the story the western press is always skittish to cover -- other than how it's doing in the stock market.

    Barack Obama and his underlings tried to present the move as 'democratic' and 'reform.'

    And the western press went along.

    They ignored that the move went completely against the Constitution of Iraq -- both how it was done and what was being proposed.

    They ignored the objections to the proposal.

    They did everything they could to propagandize for the White House.

    But it all imploded.

    All this time later, a supposed free press still can't tell the truth about Iraq.

    And they wonder why their institution is failing in the United States.

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