Monday, June 06, 2016

Jill Stein Tweets

Jill Stein is seeking the Green Party's presidential nomination.

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    The majority of Americans want a new major party. Demand Jill be included in the polls:
  2. A quick pic w/ Green Party candidate who dropped in to
  3. "Don't for a minute, doubt our capacity to change the course of history." on
  4. "This is not a moment, it's a movement." Those words were coined by Jasmine who is now arrested."
  5. " Empower yourself and others to know that your voice matters."
  6. "This is a moment that is driven by LOVE."
  7. "We cannot be intimidated" -
  8. "It's important that we not be intimidated out of our power."
  9. Make sure you're catching the live stream of !
  10. It is irresponsible journalism when the mainstream media tiptoes around my campaign given that 47% of voters want a third party candidate.
  11. The 'lynching' charge against activist Jasmine Richard is repellent given the history of white lynch mobs seizing black prisoners.
  12. 🇵🇷Extend bankruptcy laws for Puerto Rico, a protection that already exists for individual states:
  13. Root cause of Puerto Rico’s debt crisis is centuries of colonial exploitation that since 1898 has benefited wealthy & corporate US interests
  14. The reports from the are incredibly unsurprising. You cannot have a fair system run by corrupt corporate parties.
  15. Along with , I condemn the prosecution & conviction of organizer Jasmine Richards.
  16. In '98, MA passed a publicly-funded elections referendum. A Dem legislature overturned it: the corporate 2-party system
  17. We can pay for a with a 50% cut in our bloated military budget and higher taxes on the predatory Wall Street oligarchs.