Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Hillary has no regrets on Iraq

My thoughts on Donald Trump are known.  I don't like him.  I will not vote for him.  Though not as vocal as Rosie O'Donnell on the topic (that's not an insult to Rosie, that's noting that while the so-called 'left' today discovers they don't like Donald, they didn't call him out in real time), in Ava and my TV pieces at Third, we've called Donald out more than once.

But we're about to take on a fact checker and because of the topic we need to note Donald and Mike Pence.

Sunday on CBS' 60 MINUTES, Lesley Stahl interviewed Donald and Pence.  Some are crying foul but it was Lesley's usual interview style -- she was not harsh with him.  As always, she'll toss out some rope but if you hang yourself then that's on you.

And it was on Donald.

Pence voted for the Iraq War.

And Donald picked him as his running mate.

Lesley asked about it.

Donald said it didn't matter with Lesley noting it matters to him with Hillary.

So here's the fairness part, Donald needs to learn to speak.

A friend who's friendly with Donald (due to the casino) called and said, "You know what he meant."

I probably do know.

But it's not my job to play "What he meant to say . . ."

Now we're on this topic so for my friend I will note that Donald's comments about Hillary were probably meant to say Iraq is not one vote -- it's a series of bad judgments.

Do I believe that's what he was trying to get across?


But he needs to learn to speak for himself -- especially if he wants to be President.

Now let's get to facts.

Glenn Kessler's attempting to fact check for THE WASHINGTON POST.

He does a lousy job.

This isn't a fact:

But, interestingly, while Clinton many times has expressed regret for her decision, Pence appears to have shown no change of heart, even 14 years later. In other words, he has never described it as a mistake, while she has.

Hillary has shown no change of heart.

She's offered weak words.

And we know she was under pressure.

And we know -- thanks to Robert Gates' DUTY -- that she'll lie to the public -- as he explains with regards to the "surge" -- she opposed it publicly but told him later she just did that due to political pressure.

She has done nothing to demonstrate regret.

If we truly regret something, we attempt to make amends and learn.

Her actions with regards to Libya and Syria demonstrate she has learned nothing.

More to the point, she abandoned Iraqi women.

Fact checking, Glenn, requires more than checking public statements tossed out when your opponent in a primary is trashing you in the polls for your voting for the Iraq War (I'm referring to Barack, not Donald).

Fact checking requires actual facts.

Now the lazy and whorish media is not willing to do their job.

But the July 9th "Iraq snapshot" noted (again) Hillary's abdication on the rights of Iraqi Women.  This time we did it with her e-mails released by WikiLeaks and showed that she refused to even include Iraqi women in a speech -- despite her friend asking her to.

Hillary learned nothing from Iraq and feels no remorse.

We judge by your actions and your words, not just your words.

And fact checks require something more than 'in this stump speech . . .'

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