Sunday, November 13, 2016

Hillary is the Iraq War

  1. Support for Hillary is the Iraq War Vote of politics. These people can never, ever be allowed near a political decision again

Hillary is the Iraq War.

Her late walk away in the 2008 race was revealed to be a lie.

The only "mistake" she believes she made -- read her ridiculous (and ghost written) HARD CHOICES -- was in trusting Bully Boy Bush to send a lot more troops.

That was her mistake, as she defined it.

And the media let her get away with that.

And her supporters looked the other way.

Here's why I dislike Hillary: - Iraq - Patriot act - NAFTA - TPP - Wall St connections - Syria - Libya Which part of that is 'sexist'?

Sexism was not a battle Hillary faced in 2016.

She did in 2008.

But no one wants to talk about that today.

It would require holding Barack was responsible for his sexist remarks.

And no one wants to do that.

The blanket must remain over the truth for Democrats who mainlined the Kool-Aid.

In the real world, Anthony Freda (CINDY SHEEHAN'S SOAPBOX) points out:

To the protestors: My friends and I missed you when we were protesting the bombing of hospitals and illegal wars. We missed you at Occupy Peace and the other anti-war rallies we attended and helped organize over the last 8 years.I have not seen you working to expose the destruction of our civil liberties or the illegal spying on citizens that Obama promised to stop. 

They were never there.

They never protested a damn thing.

It's amazing seeing all these White faces in the protests.

It's amazing to realize they weren't part of Occupy or BLM or anything in the last years.

But a War Hawk loses an election and that gets them in the streets.

And how many people would be out marching if Hillary had won, in solidarity with the people of Syria, Libya, and Iraq?

Hillary the great uniter?

Who bought that b.s.?

Even now, she's leading to further divisions as her fan club can't accept how lousy she was.

Some attack Cenk Uygur.

I don't think Cenk's the new Gore Vidal or Judith Schklar.

I do think he's worth listening to.

Amanda Marcotte?

She's a tired joke.

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  2. I'd put Elizabeth Warren in charge of party right now. What's disgusting is you hiding behind charges of sexism.
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  4. . on why we still have to fight supporters
    Why We Still Have to Fight Hillary Supporters
    The fight against the Democratic Party establishment isn't over. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down.

Hillary was a lousy candidate.

One the world repudited but we weren't supposed to tell that truth either.

Hillary is a War Hawk whose ridiculed in the same manner Tony Blair is.

How was she ever going to be the future?

I know Gloria saw her that way.  But Gloria Steinem's got a foot in the grave and wouldn't know the future if it slapped her in the face.

Gloria didn't care about war.

She didn't care that Hillary was a War Hawk.

She tried to use the fact that the media installed her as feminist leader -- she was never a leader and never chosen by feminists (which is why she picked her fights with academic feminists -- they were the last substantial group who could reveal what a fraud she was).

But she wants to tell us that now we're going to fight.

Now we're going to fight?


Where was she while everything's been going on in the last eight years?

Oh, that's right: Whoring.

The most important thing going forward is for people to remember who stood where.

A lot of protesters -- on the Soros payroll -- want to pretend they're standing up for what matters.

They never stood up for anything.

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