Saturday, December 10, 2016

It's pathetic that The Nation capitulated to Twitter pressure

The latest from Michael Tracey:

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    To test the viability of "crowd-funded" models, I will be writing daily on Medium: Also see:
  2. Writers need to trust that a magazine/outlet will stand by them once an article is published, and not just give in to social media uproars.
  3. If the piece was so offensive, the time to air concerns would've been during the editing process. Not in reaction to Twitter mobs. Truly sad
  4. It's pathetic that The Nation capitulated to Twitter pressure and cajoled its writer into "correcting" her own piece
  5. I keep seeing Dem pundits retweet Evan McMullin, the Bill Kristol-approved CIA spook, because he says what they want to hear re: Trump/Putin
  6. I had a long discussion on this podcast about the current "problematic" media landscape

  7. Note how "hacked John Podesta's gmail account" has become "hacked the election." What does "hacked the election" even mean?
  8. The burden of proof is on those definitively positing a grand Russian conspiracy, not those of us noting that there is no evidence for this.
  9. Yes, stake your opposition to Trump on CIA hearsay, treason accusations, and Russia paranoia. More sound strategic thinking from Democrats.
  10. I'm not a big fan of movies, but "Manchester by the Sea" was pretty good.
  11. The whole Giuliani thing was a fakeout too. Remember, Rudy ran against Mitt in 2008 and accused him of employing illegal immigrants.
  12. Mitt Romney is a groveling fool. Trump played him like a fiddle.
  13. I assumed the crackpot Russia hysteria would subside somewhat after the election. I was wrong. People have truly gone insane.
  14. Please forward this post to the various pundits who have declared Trump a "fascist." Are they willing to take up arms? Time is running out.
  15. And it's prominent liberals (along with neocons) screaming for everyone to dutifully and credulously accept these rumors. Simply disgusting.
  16. Once again, the impulse to uncritically believe unverified CIA rumors is just unreal. Read a history book if you're confused about the CIA.
  17. Why is Nate Silver uncritically endorsing the veracity of CIA claims relayed second-hand by anonymous sources?

  18. Electoral College subversion plots might seem far-fetched, but many angry elites support the tactic. Keep an eye out
  19. Benjamin Netanyahu directly interfered in the 2012 election to help Mitt Romney. I don't remember that causing some huge legitimacy crisis.
  20. John Podesta's gmail account was compromised via phishing link. People are vastly exaggerating the complexity of this supposed "hacking" op
  21. Liberals screaming about Russia must be furious at Obama, who would've had to be complicit in the grand coverup