Saturday, December 17, 2016

San weighs in on THE MATRIX and ROGUE ONE

San has a Twitter feed that's always interesting.

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  2. Increased representation is a departure point, not the destination. To really matter, spaces/genres/institutions have to change as a result.
  3. Yes yes, we get it. Donald Trump is stupid, he made a mistake in his tweet. Move on and talk about something else, ffs.
  4. "This movie is: Emotional, Cerebral" Yes, it does make me feel "emotional". That emotion is: Happy. Because Margaret Thatcher is dead.
  5. I mean, I've finally cracked open this bottle of wine I bought a year ago that's been sat at my table since. I feel so relaxed right now.
  6. My god, I needed this break. I really really needed this break for my soul. It's been an emotionally and physically exhausting 4 years.
  7. Must say, I'm having the time of my life watching movies & not talking or even thinking about politics. It feels good to not study for once.
  8. The only reason anyone would even find a high school girl attractive is because of sexualized girlhood and the desire to manipulate/ control
  9. "This movie is: Exciting, Violent" Hard pass but good grief, I cannot stop laughing at that.
  10. I remember watching Trinity kiss Neo as a kid and going "That's not how you kiss people, right? Because that's kinda creepy."
  11. Look, if you're going to write action sci-fi's movies, skip the romance. It's not needed, unless you're going to give them real development.
  12. Uh, I'm sorry, but I would believe Morpheus falling in love with Neo more than Trinity. Neo and Trinitiy never had a chance to bond.
  13. Morpheus is stationary and sat smack in the middle and Neo shoots unceremoniously through rain and glass but misses him? Come on.
  14. Watching Matrix & my dude Neo descends in a helicopter with an auto-machine gun & shoots the Agents but misses tied-to-chair Morpheus? LOL.
  15. You know why I get mad at the U.S? Kansas: Kan-sus. Arkansas: Ahr-ken-saw.
  16. Philip Davies MP says people trying to end domestic violence are just pursuing "a politically correct agenda"
  17. Again: no one is advocating a single credible plan for Syria. They just want you to Really Care. That's juvenile; I refuse. Sorry.
  18. No.

  19. I'm glad it wasn't only me who was straining to see the characters during the first half of the movie because it was just so bloody dark.
  20. You're supposed to FEEL things when you watch a movie, not feel dead inside. So yeah, I agree with the obnoxiously wordy dude.
  21. Look, io9. I concur the review in question was wordy but your blatant dismissal of it is just annoying.

  22. Are .. are you okay?

  23. Also, every single place our protagonists were in, it was blown up. Every. Single. Place. 85% of the movie was just shit being blown up.
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  25. The only character who was in any way remotely interesting was Chirrut and even was consistently emotionless the entire damn time.
  26. I was literally checking my watch and cursing the fact that I don't have a phone to angrily tweet or scream about it. It was pathetic.
  27. THANK YOU. 20 minutes in, I was bored out of my mind, the pacing was giving me whiplash and then an hour long of PEW PEW BOOM CRASH WHOOSH.

  28. Can we not do this? Can we please stop encouraging mechanics that treat women as "targets" to be chosen and won? For f[**]k sake.

  29. This VR “game” promises to teach men how to pick up women. Guys. Treating women like vending machines is always ALWAYS a terrible idea.
  30. This idiot was trying to make a racist announcement and this guy kept yelling 🗣NOOOOO in his face lmao
  31. The GOP will not respond to pleas for decency or fairness. They respond to power, and right now the Dems have essentially none.
  32. Goodnight.
  33. I'm still mad I watched Rogue One. Seriously. Save yourselves from watching it. I legit wanna go to the creators and say "How dare you?"
  34. I'm watching a lovely series called Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories, where people form bonds of friendship & love while eating food at night.
  35. There were only 3 women who had any talking roles. It was dudes galore otherwise. 4 if you count the "surprise" in the end.

  36. Extremely boring, emotionless movie was extremely boring and emotionless.
  37. Me while watching Rogue One.
  38. Oh my God.

  39. If you want to feel dead inside, if you like watching literally an hour long of pew-pew, Rogue One is for you. Otherwise, it's really bad.
  40. Guys. Rogue One was Not Good and I'm kind of mad that I spent my free movie ticket on it. I was itching to leave after 20 minutes.