Saturday, February 25, 2017

Keith Ellison was defeated by a billionaire-led innuendo campaign slurring him as an anti-semite (Michael Tracey)

Some Tweets from journalist Michael Tracey.

  • There you have it.
  • "Deputy Chair" isn't a real position. This is a totally empty symbolic gesture: so, exactly what Dems specialize in.
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    At the rate the Democrats are going, by 2020 the DNC chair will be a MacBook Pro that just plays the Hamilton soundtrack on loop.
  • The very people who are responsible for historic, sustained failure have been rewarded instead of penalized. Classic mark of decadence.
  • Keith Ellison was defeated by a billionaire-led innuendo campaign slurring him as an anti-semite. That's the Democratic Party for you.
  • The decrepit, rotting carcas of the Democratic Party just got even rottener. Abandon ship.
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    THIS is why there is a paper ballot. Not ok. Way to have a final whiff of rigged DNC,
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    Tom Perez is ONE VOTE away from winning on the first ballot. He won 213.5 out of 214.5 necessary. The race goes to a second ballot
  • Because heaven doesn't exist
  • Follow for the best live coverage of the DNC chair fracas.
  • Looks like all is going well.
  • Schiff made clear that the end-game here is to impeach Trump over Russia. That's what his constituents demand. No longer any doubt.
  • This town hall was supposed to be on refugees / "travel ban" but people keep standing up and screaming about Russia. It's a total obsession.
  • Self-proclaimed leader of the local "Resistance Posse" requests update on how the "Russia investigation" is going: crowd erupts into cheers
  • Leading anti-Russia agitator in the House, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), holding a town hall tonight in Glendale, CA -- I have some questions...
  • Spot the contradiction
  • Newsflash: most people aren't obsessed with Russia. Mediocre college kids going to CPAC not typically known for their worldly knowledge.