Tuesday, March 14, 2017

IPS and FOREIGN POLICY IN FOCUS have been removed

. . .  from the links.

Wonder why?

Refer to Elaine's "John Feffer is a damn liar (and don't e-mail, prick, I won't retract)."

Feffer's always been a jerk -- and was especially in March of 2008 -- but we ignored it.

I won't now.

The Democrats are refusing to take accountability for the big loss.

Russia is nothing but a distraction -- a hysteria that allows them to pretend Hillary ran a good campaign.

(She didn't.)

Now here comes Feffer likening Hillary's e-mails and the DNC ones to Watergate.

And the plumbers?


He's a f**king idiot.

Who clearly doesn't understand facts.

He also doesn't understand the law.

And we're not going to link to anyone who tells those lies.

I'm sick of the hysteria and the hysterics.

We've called out the attacks on Russia since Barack started in on the country (when whistle-blower Ed Snowden went there).

Trina's done a great job in this community denouncing the efforts to demonize Russia and restart The Cold War.

I'm not going to undercut her efforts by giving support to the lies of John Feffer.

You can read Robert Parry's latest on the hysteria here.

Glenn Greenwald will provide Tweets that include links to the topic.

Sadly, I can't link to Stephen F. Cohen.

Sadly because that's what ticked me off the most about Feffer -- his prissy little comment on Cohen.

Unlike Feffer, Cohen is an expert on Russia.  [Cohen doesn't Tweet -- more power to him on that.  That's why we can't link to a feed but you can read him here (NATION) and here (REAL CLEAR POLITICS.]

Feffer's an expert on nothing.

Let's hope Phyllis Bennis has the good sense to distance herself from Feffer.

But even Feffer can take comfort in the fact that he's not the new Geraldo Rivera.

No, the one opening Al Capone's empty vault tonight on live TV was Rachel Maddow.

The e-mail address for this site is common_ills@yahoo.com (and I'm with Elaine, don't e-mail me Feffer, I had enough of you back in 2008).