Saturday, May 06, 2017

Emmanuel Macron's e-mails get leaked

Problems for Emmanuel Macron go beyond egg on his face.

Macron Got Egged 😂

Leaked e-mails.   Which the campaign has confirmed.

French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron's campaign says it was the target of "massive" hacking operation

What do they contain?

Who knows?

Auditor calls for Macron warrant after examining leaked documents which indicate potential tax evasion.

  1. UNVERIFIED: Email screenshot implies one of Macron's staffers was tasked with buying drugs for him. "Do not forget to buy c... for the boss"
  2. Emails found in the seem to show Macron using Bitcoin to purchase 3-MMC (a designer drug). What else is he hiding?

Macron's party jokes about former French president Jacques Chirac dying.

  1. Read my May 6 Newsletter featuring “French media ordered not to publish Macron's hacked emails
  2. Macron associate, Corinne Ehrel, dies unexpectedly hours after hacked Macron emails are published :
  3. New post (NEWS PAPER BLOG - Elections of France - publishing emails Macron could be ...) has been published on -

A French MP has died after collapsing on stage while making a speech at a rally for presidential contender Emmanuel Macron.

SMOKING GUN in : Emmanuel Macron is funded by US Deep State National Endowment for Democracy (NED)