Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Liar of the Day: Justin Trudeau

Daniel LeBlanc (GLOBE AND MAIL) reports:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau rejected the idea that Canada is involved in a combat mission in Iraq, even as he praised a Canadian sniper team for the recent killing of an Islamic State fighter who was more than 3,000 metres away.
The record-breaking kill shot is being heralded as an “incredible martial achievement” in military circles, but is also raising questions about the exact nature of Canada’s involvement in the fight against [the Islamic State]. Mr. Trudeau’s Liberals came to power in 2015 with a promise to “end Canada’s combat mission in Iraq.”

More broken promises from Justin.

He didn't end a combat mission.  Word games don't change that one bit.

He's the liar of the day.

PM comments on record-breaking shot by Canadian sniper, says it didn't violate Canada's non-combat mission.
PM Trudeau comments on record-breaking shot by Canadian sniper
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was adamant that the recent news of a Canadian sniper making a record-breaking shot in Iraq was a "defensive" move and part of the Canadian Forces advisory mission.

 Whether destroying the environment or playing War Hawk, Trudeau is a global disappointment and a stain on his father's legacy.

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