Saturday, July 15, 2017


Drum Corps World
Dear readers,

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Another week, another set of show reports, another issue of DCW as the season marches on.

We are pleased to present information and photography from a variety of locations across not only the U.S., but the United Kingdom as well.

There are two more weekly editions and the August full monthly magazine as we head to DCI week, August 7-12.

Enjoy all the viewpoints presented here and we have even more individuals ready to cover shows in their geographical areas.

The Web site has been expanded with the addition of previous issues going back to February of this year. More will be added as the Web site redesign continues and that will include resumption of the on-line store for all of our historical CDs, DVDs and books after the season has concluded.

The Web site has also been modified after some confusion came up with subscribers on our list being unable to access issues. It turned about to be a problem with the server that the folks who send out the e-mail notification each issue failed to be notified about. That has been cleared up.

Enjoy the balance of this season that is speeding by all too quickly.

Steve Vickers, Publisher