Tuesday, September 12, 2017

End Hillary's welfare

For years now, I've pointed out that Hillary Clinton should pay her own security costs when she's off on some money making scheme and that her publishers would not put her on book tours if they had to pick up the costs.

At CERNO, Andrew Mayer reports on Laura Looner attempting to ask Hillary questions:

Loomer was detained by Secret Service for 20 minutes after asking these questions, but not because the Secret Service took issue with the questions’s content. Rather, the Secret Service was primarily concerned with someone trying to grab a strand of Hillary’s hair in response to Martin Shkreli’s satirical $5,000 “bounty.” 
The Secret Service also wanted to look at Loomer’s phone, but she declined and the agents did not press the issue.

Why is the Secret Service being utilized?

Hillary is on a for-profit mission and is making over a million dollars on this.

The American taxpayer should not have to provide her with security.

When engaged in for-profit schemes, she should have to pay her own security.

And if she chooses to use the Secret Service, she should have to reimburse the government for the cost.

She would not have the book tour she currently does without the Secret Service.  If the publisher or she had to cover the costs of security, her book tour would consist of very few stops.

It's time to end her welfare.  That should be true of anyone else going forward but, as usual, no one's abused the system as much as Hillary has.

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