Sunday, October 01, 2017

. . . recall the U.S. secretly created "Cuban #Twitter" to stir unrest in Cuba (Margaret Kimberley)

Some Tweets from journalist Margaret Kimberley:

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    A Cashless Society? Not Before Tubman’s $20 Arrives Photo of Sojourner Truth in Harriet Tubman article.
  2. March for Racial Justice held on Yom Kippur. But 9/30 commemorates 1919 massacre in Arkansas.
  3. March for Racial Justice A segment of my brief remarks on the March for Racial Justice on .
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    ¿Qué? As turns over ads to , recall the U.S. secretly created "Cuban " to stir unrest in
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    Remember how Bush began the dismantling of FEMA? Cutting disaster relief isn't a MORAL FAILING?!
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    This Bush incompetent/Trump malicious comparison is wrong. They're both racists, Bush was just more, what's the word, "presidential."
  7. Check out discussions with and my issues with Julian Assange.
  8. I talked to on regarding our white supremacist nation and president. I start at about 6:35.
  9. Black Agenda Radio Week of September 25, 2017 Yours truly, Glen Ford, Ajamu Baraka, Omali Yeshitela,Takiyah Thompson
  10. You must check out this photo. You must.
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    the "black liberation is a foreign commie plot" thing goes all the way back to 1919 at least
  12. Don’t succumb like I did. Don’t download the latest iPhone update.
  13. It is always great to listen to
  14. Black people were happy to be shot by police until Putin told us to start complaining. Damn you Russia! (Yes, sarcasm.)
  15. Racist, vile, ignorant Donald Trump is a gift to the evil democrats. They will use the revulsion directed at him to do horrible things.
  16. Are Russian bots undermining America? I haven't seen any proof but America needs to be undermined. I hope someone is doing it.
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    1yr ago today I met & she didn't even speak Russian to me! However, we did plot to end all war ;) 🔥