Sunday, December 24, 2017

1/2 an entry on Iraq

Iraq Christmas service takes place in Mosul after IS defeat

  1. Happy Holidays from the Soldiers of 3rd Brigade, 10th Mountain Division from Mosul, Iraq.


Some are celebrating in Iraq.

 But, outside of the KRG, it's not a holiday but a day of work.

Iraqi govt makes every single Shia-related ceremony a holiday across the country, but when it comes to other components no public holiday. -- Christmas holiday in Iraq is only for Christians. KRG announced public holiday across the Region.

And while Christmas takes place, Hayder al-Abadi and Baghdad work overtime to deprive others of rights.

removes language from the Food Ration Cards. Another violation of Article 4 of the Iraqi constitution.

'A new IRAQ law strips Palestinians of basic rights. Palestinians will no longer enjoy same rights and privileges as Iraqi citizens.'

Is there anyone Hayder's government won't persecute?

This entry originally then went into the issue of the KRG including noting these Tweets among others:

  1. - Barham Salih has been demanding Baghdad to invade Kurdistan region with military force - Barham Salih is close to Maliki and Tehran. He´s metting iranian officials regularly (including Qassem Soleimani and other IRGC commanders)
  2. has been quiet for 4 years in Kurdistan region. He always wait for chaos to show his face. He did so during October 16 where he formed a new party while PUK was defeated and again a week ago he visited Maliki to discuss Iraqi deployment to Kurdish cities
  3. This smile has fooled too many. Kurdistan cannot be tricked any longer. Your personal agenda is against Kurdistan and we all know:
  4. made Shaswar, and now he should be destroyed along with him..

  5. - Years ago Barham Salih and others demanded Maliki to cut Kurdistan´s 17 % share of the Iraqi budget - Barham Salih was part of the treasonous handover of Kirkuk in October 16th
  6. You still wanna that chair you lost in 2014? You couldn't win over Hero how will you rule a nation?

  7. So we hated Maliki so much for wht he did & now he comes out to say was behind it! What kinda kurd are you?

  8. built Shaswar by giving him Land & a Government loan to build Chavy Land, NRT & German Village. Shaswar charges the public & never paid back the government while Barham gets a cut of profits & has equity.
  9. was never a Peshmerga during the struggles. His excuse was he had a bad back and had letters forged to prove it. He would instead stay in cities and collect information on Peshmerga families then give it to Iraqi security.
  10. You claim to be a leader. You were silent after October 16. You said nothing. You didn’t acknowledge treachery. This is clear indicator that you were part of it.
  11. colluded with Iran and Baghdad to plan the take over of Kirkuk and the chaos that spread through Slemani and Kurdistan. He is a cancer to Kurdistan. He must be exposed and stopped.
  12. Salih is a typical curropt politician which his only aim is to have high government posts and for that he would betray his people.
  13. Replying to 
    It wouldn’t fall apart. We just need to clean our beautiful Kurdistan from people who betrayed us.
  14. was accused in the 1980's of giving coordinates of Peshmerga locations to Iraqi attacks. He did these negotiationa in exchange of gold using a fake name of Ari Abdul Kader.
  15. When feared he would be excluded from politics after the he helped Iran & Baghdad starve KRG economically by organizing a coup d’etat in Kirkuk with to give Baghdad control of Kirkuk oil in exchange for post of Iraq President
  16. has been putting Kurds against Kurds for decades. Some say the civil war was sparked by Barham Saleh when he made allegations of PUK executing villagers near Hawler and handed it to KDP. He also set traps for Peshmerga deaths in Anfal in exchange for gold.
  17. They take & pretend they didn’t sale
  18. Which means he is behind wht is happening in Slemani just like Shaswar

We'll cover that aspect on Tuesday -- the missing part.  Dropping back to a February of years ago.