Sunday, May 17, 2020

Despite the smears, Tara Reade still has plenty of support

POLITICO, PBS' NEWSHOUR and Michael Tracey are among those attempting to smear Tara Reade.  They won't address her allegation of assault but they will rip her apart using her former landlords, people who hate her and Biden people who feed them info. 

Despite that, Tara still has support.  I support her.  She's talking about a serious issue and we need to address it.  I'm far from the only one who feels that way.  Below are a few of the people standing up against rape culture and saying "NO!" to it.

Rose McGowan:

I hope you are not proud of yourself tonight
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Prof Zenkus
Politico's @natashakorecki ennages in the ugliest form of rape culture and victim-bashing here, the likes of things I have only seen from defense attorneys and family members of the accused. This makes it much harder for victims to come fwd. via @politico

Nicole Ee-o:

Great thread regarding the rape culture being perpetuated around Tara Reade with
hit pieces being most current. The level of character assassination towards a victim of rape is appalling. #IBelieveTara #StandWithSurvivors
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Drew Holden
Today, the character assassination of Tara Reade began in earnest. Shockingly, these same people had different thoughts when the accused wasn’t on their team. Examples are threaded below. It wouldn’t seem right to kick off a list of hypocrisy with anyone but @JRubinBlogger.
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WOC for #PresidentBernieSanders:

Please call on reporters to stop reinforcing rape culture in their character assassinations of Tara Reade. It's irresponsible and disgusting.

Pandas for Bernie 2020:

Wow. You're just ticking off every rape culture norm used to smear survivors. The only People who have harmed #MeToo
are people like you. Tara Reade does not have credibility issues. Joe Biden, the proven liar, has credibility issues.

Daria notmeus:

Anyways yall, believe Tara Reade. What if the same thing happened to you or someone you know? The gag is, it probably already has. Don't reinforce the culture of survivors being slandered and scrutinized harder than their perpetrators when they come forward. Rape culture sucks.

Erin Taylor:

wild to watch so many women just have a field day critiquing Tara Reade’s story of survival! many of the women doing this were happy to build their careers off the backs of the MeToo movement yet happily participate in rape culture when it is convenient for them. gross.

Doog Lives:

That disgusting hit piece on Tara Reade might be the most repulsive bit pf rape culture agitprop I've ever seen. You should be ashamed of yourself. Rapist everywhere thank you for your service.

William Pecota:

Rape culture is the fact that they're "investigating" Tara Reade with the goal of exonerating Biden instead of investigating Joe Biden. It's always survivors who are put on trial, never the rapist.

Dustin Hice:

Rape culture hypocrisy and the fraudulent #MeToo
crowd are the biggest problem. People like
are very brave & deserve to have their voices heard fairly. Due Process is a right for everyone!

Anthony Zenkus:

And whether Tara Reade lied about anything in the past has no bearing on whether Joe Biden raped her or not. Talking about the animal rescue nonsense is nothing short of rape culture.

Danni Askini:

This allegation will not win or loose this election in the face of 30% unemployment and COVID— but how women are attacking Tara Reade definitely will further rape culture and silence other survivors from coming forward

Maiya Isabel:

Can't dispute the evidence, so attack the accuser. This is a HUGE rape-culture distraction tactic to bury the facts and provide insulation and political cover to
There is a really a big personal price to pay for this. I hope it's worth it. #tarareade

Occupy the Port:

The scumbags that helped sell Biden’s ‘Tara Reade is crazy and lying’ should be ashamed. This was clearly a planned response coming after Biden’s appearance on MSNBC last night. Whether you believe her or not, this was an example of rape culture.

Lara Frazier

Don’t call yourself a feminist & a supporter of women’s rights IF you are sharing articles that smear Tara Reade & perpetuate rape culture. If you don’t believe her, fine. But, stop engaging in behaviors that hurt women & survivors. Pls remove the word feminist from your bio.

Caleb De Jong:

Character smears against Tara Reade is rape culture at its worst. More journalistic effort has gone into assassinating her than into studying Biden's record, which includes his vote for Iraq war, his support for Israel, his support for Venezuela regime change, crime bill, etc.

UnApologetic Women:

Media framing, he said/she said narrative of Tara Reade allegation is born out of rape culture. Listen to expert who has worked on this issue for 20 years. Allegation is credible: #believewomen #IBelieveTaraReade #endrapeculture #metoo

Ms. Natural Soul:

This is an excellent thread, pointing out how PBS's story on the Tara Reade allegations helps to further certain rape culture myths. May I also add that 74 Biden staffers saying they weren't harassed by Biden does not in any way invalidate Reade's claims!

Mallory McMaster:

A media outlet tracked down 74 former Biden staffers to attack one woman. They could have asked them what they thought we could do to fix rape culture and make the next administration a good one for women. But they didn't. They attacked Tara Reade. 74 staffers.


Joe Biden lies as easily as he sleeps— and he sleeps a lot. Tara Reade would have had to have manned her own time machine to have lied about these accusations, period. You are a representative of rape culture & more evidence that Biden & those he inspires are cultural dinosaurs.

David Silverstone:

Dear womxn followers, especially those who made #TimesUpBiden videos: Please join in a project highlighting the abuse Tara Reade has received on twitter. We will combat rape culture together. Please pass it on!

SJK Campbell:

I'm fully up to date on the call the NewsHour hit piece & the Politico smear job. Striking how similar the behavior of Kavanaugh's defenders & Biden's defenders are.

Peter Daou:

This is the kind of filth #TaraReade is facing, a concerted online operation to rip her life to shreds. Shame on the Democratic Party for enabling the destruction of her life to protect a man with a history of unwanted touching. The chilling effect on #MeToo
is incalculable.

Kate Willett:

In a society where a huge percentage of women are both low income and sexual assault victims, idk if it's a good idea to set a precedent that women can't be believed if they have had problems with landlords. People can just vote for Biden w/o doing all this.

Zachary S. Grigley:

I learned from Mainstream Media that it is okay to Rape a Woman if she has ever bounced a check. #IBelieveTaraReade #SayNoToJoe

Sofi D:

I believe Dr Ford on much less evidence, which is why I believe Tara Reade. Both have compelling stories.But one has evidence that cant be altered backing her up. A recording, a divorce document, people she told and past colleagues agreeing that she told them or she suddenly left