Sunday, May 17, 2020

PBS stands for Pure Bull S**t

If you've been praising the garbage PBS did sliming Tara Reade, you may want hold your tongue.

Ava and I wrote our media piece.  After the last post went up here, we stayed up working through the night and finished it at noon PST.  We missed something.  It's something it appears everyone has missed.  As with most things for me, it emerged while I was sleeping and nagged me throughout my dreams.

We had told Jim when we were done that we were done.  That , if 'breaking news' emerged while we were asleep, we still weren't changing the piece.

What did emerge in my dreaming state, however, is something we're now going to add to the piece and we know where it shouldn't be more than two paragraphs.

But how idiots -- like that ass at THE WASHINGTON MONTHLY -- missed this basic problem with PBS' product is a question people need to be asking.

There is nothing to praise in what PBS produced.

I've have to shower and then eat something and do a shot (of insulin).  Then we'll get started on finishing THIRD -- which hopefully won't take long and hopefully the other pieces are ready to go as well.