Saturday, September 25, 2021

Can You Be a Leftist & a Patriot? w/ Gerald Horne


Subscribe on Patreon for $5 for an extra episode each week: Earlier this month, the online left had a spirited debate about whether it should embrace "patriotism." Is pride in country inextricable from a noxious nationalism? Or can patriotism be redefined as something less jingoistic but equally appealing to the working classes? Should the Right have the exclusive ability to weaponize the stars and stripes to advance their faux populist agenda? Or should the left learn to love America, too? Is political scientist and cultural critic Micheal Parenti correct when he says there is no true patriotism without a love a justice? Or is that just wishful thinking? This week, Briahna Joy Gray invited African American History Professor & prolific author Gerald Horne on to discuss whether the white supremacist roots of American History foreclose the possibility that patriotism can work for the left