Thursday, May 05, 2022

Ana Kasparian Melts Down & Agrees Jimmy Dore Was Right!!


I do not dislike Jimmy Dore  I cannot promote him because of the Scott Ritter issue.  If he merely covered Ritter, let me know.  But a group of outlets -- including CONVO COUCH -- brought Ritter on as a guest.  If you  bring on a registered sex offender as a guest -- do it if you feel the need, free speech and all of that -- you damn well better explain that this guest is a sex offender.  I will not promote people who can't be honest about their guests and lie.  If you lie, you are responsible for the next girl or woman Scott Ritter goes after -- he's a pedophile so it would be a girl.  We are noting Jimmy right now because we noted him on this earlier and he has every right to cry out :I was right!!!:  He was.  (And if he didn't have Ritter as a guest, please correct me on that so we can return to noting him.