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Bioneers 2022 Keynote Videos: Enric Sala, Angela Glover Blackwell & More


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Bioneers 2022 provided us a much-needed opportunity to gather with our community, learn from one another, and find inspiration that will direct us toward world-changing action in the year ahead. As Karen Washington said, "Forget about 'a seat at the table.' Let’s get our own table, and make our own seats. We don’t need to be asking to be let in."

This week, we're excited to introduce our first set of Bioneers 2022 keynote recordings. Keep reading to hear from Enric Sala, Maxx Fenning, Angela Glover Blackwell, Kenny Ausubel and Nina Simons.

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Angela Glover Blackwell - Transformative Solidarity for a Thriving Multiracial Democracy

True solidarity requires stitching together what appears separate into a powerful, magnificent whole. The honed, deliberate, transformative practice of solidarity produces an exhilarating recognition of our interconnectedness and interdependence—essentials for thriving democracy. Angela Glover Blackwell, a renowned civil rights and public interest attorney, longtime leading racial equity advocate, and founder (in 1999) of the extraordinarily effective and influential national research and action institute that advances racial and economic equity by “Lifting Up What Works,” PolicyLink, discusses transformative solidarity and why it’s necessary for a thriving multiracial democracy.

Watch Angela's keynote here.

Enric Sala - Protecting Our Life Support System: Challenges and Opportunities in Marine Conservation

World-renowned National Geographic Explorer in Residence Enric Sala launched the National Geographic Pristine Seas project in 2008 to explore and help inspire the protection of the last wild places in the ocean, an absolutely critical last-ditch effort to prevent the complete unraveling of global marine ecosystems. Made up of an extraordinary team of scientists, conservationists, filmmakers and policy experts, Pristine Seas has helped protect 6 million square kilometers of ocean habitat (more than twice the size of India!). Partnering with 122 different organizations and agencies across 23 countries, its work has inspired the establishment of some of the largest marine reserves in the world. In his Bioneers 2022 keynote, Enric discussed the vital importance of healthy oceans to humanity’s future and what Pristine Seas hopes to accomplish in the years ahead.

Watch Enric's keynote here.

Maxx Fenning - Inheritance

Gen Z has come of age in a world fraught with systemic injustice, a looming climate emergency, and constant attacks on democracy itself. With a generational psyche bred online, young people are able to communicate, learn, organize, and take action in ways never seen before. Maxx Fenning, founder and President of PRISM, a nonprofit organization that works to expand access to LGBT-inclusive education and sexual health resources for young people in South Florida, discusses his experiences standing on the shoulders of a decades-long fight for LGBT rights and how to help pass on the torch to this new wave of young activists.

Watch Maxx's youth presentation.

Navigating the Nexus – Nature, Culture & the Sacred

"If you’re at all like me, you may be having trouble finding your way through the challenging confluence of crises we are facing these days." Currently, we are all living at the nexus of numerous converging cataclysms and seemingly insurmountable challenges. In her keynote address, Bioneers Co-founder Nina Simons touches on the support we need to traverse the maze we are all finding ourselves in.

Read more here. 

Dancing on Thin Ice

"As our misbegotten, archaic institutions and structures continue to crumble, it opens up the space for authentic metamorphosis." We face the threat of being devoured by the weight of corporate greed, exploitation, and climate change or an opportunity for a regenerative and equitable future. In his keynote address, Bioneers Co-founder Kenny Ausubel outlines some of the challenges we face as well as the movements opening spaces for a regenerative future. 

Read more here.

Nina Simon’s New Book is Launching June 7! 

Nature, Culture and the Sacred: A Woman Listens for Leadership, 2nd Ed.

We are excited to announce that the second edition of Nina's book, Nature, Culture and the Sacred: A Woman Listens for Leadership, is launching on June 7 and is now available for pre-order on Amazon

Nature, Culture and the Sacred offers practical guidance and inspiration for anyone who aspires to grow into their own unique form of leadership on behalf of positive change. Join Nina on an inspiring journey to shed self-limiting beliefs, lead from the heart and discover beloved community as you cultivate your own flourishing and liberation.
Pre-Order Now!

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We're grateful to the San Francisco Conservation Corps for sponsoring Bioneers 2022! The SFCC motivates and connects youth with inspiring work, quality education, and a better future.

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