Saturday, November 26, 2022

Isaiah's THE WORLD TODAY JUST NUTS "The Real Groomers"



Isaiah's latest THE WORLD TODAY JUST NUTS "The Real Groomers."  Lauren Boebert tells her husband, "I'm on my way out, Jayson.  Jesus brother Joses tells me a gay couple is 32 miles out and it's my job to stop perversions.  Praise Jesus, James, Joses, Simon and Jude."  Jayson responds, "You do you, babe.  I'm headed to the bar to find some young thangs to flash my Boebert at."  Lauren giggles, "Oh, Jayson, you so manly.  Show those girls what you packing."  Reminder, Lauren's husband was arrested for exposing himself to young women, he entered a guilty plea and was sentenced to probation.     Isaiah archives his comics at THE WORLD TODAY JUST NUTS.