Tuesday, November 29, 2022

New York Times, Major Media FINALLY Call For Julian Assange's Charges To Be DROPPED: Brie & Robby


Too little, too late?  STFU.  Are you an idiot that believes a nitwit like Meryl Streep?  She's the whore who lied pretending THE WASHINGTON POST was brave.  (Tom didn't whore and lie to promote the film.)  As Robbie says, "Better late than never."  Correct.

More to the point, NYT is not on the cutting edge.  It does not lead.   It waits until a consensus among elites reaches peak capacity to speak out.  If you don't grasp that, you don't know THE TIMES and you don't how mass media works in the US.

Read John L. Hess' MY TIMES: A MEMOIR OF DISSENT.  Read Gore Vidal's works.  

The press protects itself.  And, excuse the f out of me, I don't see any of you calling out Katrina vanden Heuvel and THE NATION.  Katrina refused to cover war resisters.  THE PROGRESSIVE (Matthew was in charge then) would cover them.  DEMOCRACY NOW! would cover them.  Various outlets would.  But Katrina -- as we reported in real time -- refused to do so and the reason?  She was afraid that they might lose their mailing rate.  Her cold calculations helped no one.  And, unlike THE TIMES, she claims to run a left outlet.