Saturday, January 14, 2006

Community note

An entry worked on for most of last night and this morning will go up after the entry (or entries) focused on the New York Times this morning. (I've read the paper and don't see a great deal. I'm going through the e-mails and, so far, members aren't focused on it this morning either.) I thought it would be a quick entry but a number of members e-mailed on the hearings. Remember that if you want to be quoted, note that when you e-mail. Those who didn't note it are not quoted but on the issue (ROTC) that seemed to be the focus of a number of e-mails, I did attempt to summarize the issues raised.

Pulling from the e-mails, I wasn't paying attention to the time. As a result, we'll have two entries on MLK to make up for nothing yesterday. My apologies for that.

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