Monday, August 30, 2010

Empire builders keep lying

Leo Shane III (Stars & Stripes) reports, "Iraq will be the main news story again all this week, as the U.S. military officially ends its combat mission there and President Obama delivers remarks to troops at Fort Bliss and the nation as a whole in separate speeches on Tuesday. But, before that, the White House is asking all Americans to show their support for the efforts of U.S. troops returning from the controversial war." The problem with Barack Obama has always been he never knows when to sit down. The problem with the bastard child has always been his need to overcompensate for his shady beginnings (an underage mother, a father who couldn't legally marry his mother because he already had one wife in Kenya and bigamy was and is illegal in the United States). And he just reminds us all of that when he wants to play Emily Post and start trying to boss around the citizens of a democracy. He is not king. He is not even the Bastard King. He is someone who need to learn when to sit his ass down.

Instead of attempting to tell the American people what they should or should not do, he needs to just focus on the government. No one needs lectures on what's appropriate and what's not from Barack Obama. At a time when people have already given everything they have and gotten no bail out, it's really past time for Barack to stop asking of the American people and to instead get off his lazy little candy ass and demonstrate that he wants to be president for something other than the title and the vacations. In other words, the American people have been working throughout his corporate-give-away administration and it's past time that Candy Ass showed he could work as well.

Instead, he'll offer lies and half-truths. The Iraq War isn't ending. Even if it were, you don't pretty it up by lying. You don't talk about the war with any degree of ethics without talking about it being an illegal war of aggression. Instead of asking the American people to do this or to do that, Barack Obama should be apologizing to the service members deployed to Iraq on false pretenses. He has no ethical ground to stand on and he really needs to learn when to sit down.

Sorry, Barry, I'm not Al f**king Franklin and I don't lap at the crotch at the military and repeatedly (and Zombie like) intone, "Thank you for your service." In a conversation I will gladly say, "I'm so sorry you had to deploy there." But there was no service done for Iraq and there was no service done for US democratic interests. The illegal war was an (ongoing) attempt at empire. It is a stain on democracy that liars in government sent US service members over there.

I'm not going to lie and pretty it up. That's what whores do.

It is an illegal war. What the troops need is for the government to ensure they receive the health care treatment they require and an apology for being sent to fight in an illegal war.

And it's a damn pity that the so-called left and it's so-called 'leaders' are too damn cowardly to speak up today. How very typical.

Empires and illegal wars of aggression don't just happen, they're waived through by a cowardly and apathetic group of people. The same types who want to publish magazines but don't want to take a stand on the issues that matter. The Iraq War is an ugly war with an ugly face on it. Whore Barack was gifted with the Democratic Party nomination because he was supposed to put a new face on empire. As the whore of empire that he is, Barack wants to try and pretty up an illegal war, wants to confuse people as to the facts and the realities. Shame on anyone who allows him to.

Shame on whores like Mark Mardell. Mark Mardell whores it by bringing up the staged toppling of Saddam's statue today. Only the whore forgets to tell you it was a staged media event. And the whore works for BBC News. An outlet that in real time provided the evidence that it was a staged event.

But empires need lies to continue and empires need whores who will lie for them. Mark Mardell is an ugly whore but, when someone's drunk enough, apparently even an ugly whore can make a score.

Reality, people are either going to find their voices and call out this ongoing attempt to rewrite history or we're going to see a lot more young men and women die. Cowards need to find their spines and leave their 'safe place' or they need to stop posing as leaders.

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