Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Swanson truth tells, Nichols spins madly

Lies aren't used just to start wars, but also to escalate them, continue them, and even reduce or end them. And we got a pile of war lies from the president Tuesday evening.
Obama claimed the war on Iraq was initially a war to disarm a state. Really? And then "terrorist" Iraqis attacked our troops in their country. Yet if they had done that in our country, I suspect they would still be the terrorists. And then it became a civil war which we were innocently caught up in. Uh huh.
U.S. participants in this crime are heroes, always and everywhere. That's sacred. The troops' mission has involved protecting the Iraqi people, and by golly they've done a superb job, as long as we don't mention the complete devastation of Iraq, the million dead, the millions of refugees, and the intense resentment of those remaining toward our country for what we've done to theirs.
The Iraqi people now (dead, in exile, in a ruined nation) have a chance that they supposedly didn't have before we destroyed their country, a country that was actually a better place to live in in every way in 2003 than it is now, and in 1989 than in 2003. To hear President Obama, this war has been for the benefit of the Iraqi people, and these wars have been about al Qaeda and 9-11.

The above is from David Swanson's "More War Lies" (War Is A Crime) and good for David Swanson, it's a strong piece. If you don't get how strong it is, contrast it with the lies from John Nichols (The Nation). Bad enough that only one post deals with the Iraq War speech (granted, that's one more than the US Socialist Worker has managed to produce in the last 24 hours) -- apparently Melissa Harris-Lacewell only takes to blog when Barack's on TV with Oprah (anything more in depth might fry her small and closed mind). John Nichols lies from the start including claiming Barack won the nomination because of his early opposition to the Iraq War. No, John Nichols, Barack was gifted, GIFTED, with the Democratic Party nomination by LIARS AND WHORES like yourself. John Nichols, do you really think anyone who cares about democracy will ever forget the s**t you pulled?

Barack speaks out against NAFTA but, wooops, his advisors are telling the Canadian government that he doesn't really mean it. A real press would have crucified the two-bit whore. Instead, we had whores like John Nichols rush on air (Democracy Now!) and swear that it wasn't true (it was true) and instead insist that he had 'news' that it was actually Hillary's campaign that was speaking to the Canadian government and he would soon be reporting on this 'exclusive' (because it only existed in his head). John Nichols lied. When Barack was in danger of being exposed as the liar and corporate whore he was, John Nichols took to the airwaves and lied. That's all we need to know about John Nichols. He has no respect for himself (as evidenced by his refusal to ever publicly appologize for his actions) and he has no respect for the public or he wouldn't have attempted to manipulate them.

It is hilarious to read the garbage flowing out of the ass which passes for John Nichols mouth. It is hilarious to read him applying terms like "graceful" to the garbage Barack offered last night including about Bush. This is the same John Nichols who attempted to crucify Barbra Streisand approximately 7 years ago for the Iraq War. Barbra's fundraising for the Democratic Party did not meet John Nichols' view of what needed to be done so, in his cracked mind, Barbra was responsible for the Iraq War. But somehow it's now 'graceful' to lie and excuse Bush? Did John Nichols forget that he wrote a book calling for the impeachment of George W. Bush? And now John's just wanting to 'turn the page' (bright eyes)? Well that's a whore for you. They never know what they think until they get their talking points from their pimp. Put on a little more rouge, John, you're not as young as you used to be and you gotta earn your keep or your pimp's going to get all nasty on you.

Today on the first hour of The Diane Rehm Show (airs on most NPR stations and begins streaming live online at 10:00 a.m. EST), Diane explores the Iraq War with her guests Phyllis Bennis, Rajiv Chandrasekaran and retired Gen James Dubik.

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