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The fallen and WikiLeaks

Emily Younker (Joplin Globe) reports 24-year-old Pfc Dylan T. Reid's funeral was Saturday and approximately 400 people attended. Meanwhile David Tarrant (Dallas Morning News) reports on Jessica Hansen who was texting with her boyfriend Patrick Zeigler shortly before he got shot:

Patrick's father told Jessica that Patrick was "currently alive," but in critical condition. He had been shot four times, with wounds in his arm, shoulder and hip. But the bullet that struck the right front side of his skull – that was the worst.
In fact, Patrick, now 29, was one of the most seriously wounded in the slaughter at Fort Hood where 12 soldiers and one civilian died and 32 others were wounded. The shooting took place one year ago this week at the Soldier Readiness Processing Center, where soldiers prepare to deploy for war in Afghanistan and Iraq. Police wounded the alleged shooter, Army Maj. Nidal Hasan, and took him into custody.
They took Patrick 30 miles to Temple's Scott & White Memorial Hospital, the closest Level 1 trauma center in Central Texas. But Patrick's father, whose name is the same as his son, warned Jessica to expect the worst.

November 5, 2009 there was an attack on Fort Hood in Texas. US Army Major Nidal M. Hasan, a 39-year-old psychiatrist, was the suspected gun man who opened fire killing 13 people. Patrick Ziegler was one of the people injured in the shooting. An Article 32 hearing was held last month.

In other news, Friday October 22nd, WikiLeaks released 391,832 US military documents on the Iraq War. The documents -- US military field reports -- reveal torture and abuse and the ignoring of both. They reveal ongoing policies passed from the Bush administration onto the Obama one. They reveal that both administrations ignored and ignore international laws and conventions on torture. They reveal a much higher civilian death toll than was ever admitted to. James Cogan (WSWS) reports:

It is estimated that 600,000 people fled their homes during 2006 to escape the carnage. Many have never returned. Overall, it is estimated that up to two million people were displaced by the sectarian violence.
The reign of terror presided over by Maliki achieved its intended purpose. It broke the back of the Sunni-based insurgency by mid-2007—just as the thousands of additional US troops sent as part of the Bush administration’s “surge” were deploying into the country. By the end of 2007, the majority of Sunni guerrilla fighters had accepted US offers of amnesty on the condition that they ceased insurgent activity and joined the “Sons of Iraq”. While the formation of these US-backed Sunni militias was portrayed as an uprising against “Al Qaeda” and extremism, the Sons of Iraq primarily saw their role as protecting Sunni communities from the Iraqi security forces.
The response to the Wikileaks documents underscores how politically fragile Iraq actually is.

On WikiLeaks, Monday Morning adds:

Iraqi schoolteacher Fatima Razak does not need the WikiLeaks revelations to appreciate the scars of the American occupation, which she wears on her disfigured face.
Every morning she looks in the mirror and relives the horror of 2007, when she says a bullet fired by a American soldier sliced through her cheek.
Fatima was caught in a bottleneck at one of the numerous checkpoints the Americans set up throughout Baghdad after the 2003 US-led invasion.
She waited nervously with hundreds of other cars, conscious that a suicide bomber could be lurking.
At the checkpoints were jittery US troops unknowing of Iraqi culture and notorious for being ready to fire at anything that looked suspect.
“An American Humvee with mounted guns drove toward the checkpoint”, Fatima recalls, almost in a whisper.
“It fired for no apparent reason and a bullet went through my face”, she told reporters, her finger tracing a deep scar from mouth to ear.
“How can I look in the mirror every morning?” asked the 42-year-old English teacher who is awaiting a seventh round of plastic surgery. “I am a woman. I have a husband. I have a child”.
Graphic accounts of torture and civilian killings are detailed among nearly 400,000 US military documents made public on October 22 on the whistleblower website WikiLeaks.
Al-Jazeera television said the main findings included revelations of “hundreds” of civilian deaths at manned American checkpoints.
“When the Americans came, the people welcomed them with open arms and flowers”, says Sheikh Najeh al-Fatlawi, a Shiite cleric and school headmaster.
“But later, people saw how the Americans behaved and they turned against them”.

Of all the press coverage of the WikiLeaks revelations, the strongest has been from The Bureau of Investigative Journalism and the most important individual article is Angus Stickler's "Obama administration handed over detainees despite reports of torture." It's the topic so many want to avoid. The Bureau of Investigative Journalism has an article about reactions to their coverage:

Laura Oliver, writing for, discusses the Bureau, the whistleblower and the data journalist: how Wikileak’s Iraq War Logs made the news.

When whistleblowing website WikiLeaks released 400,000 classified US military documents relating to the Iraq war on its website late Friday night, it was a collaborative effort by news organisations, journalists and the site hosting the information to communicate its impact to the public.

WikiLeaks stressed that this release, which follows the disclosure of 92,000 documents relating to the Afghanistan war back in July, should maximise media coverage and reach as many readers as possible for those sources risking their lives and possible incarceration by leaking the information.

David Bacon's latest book is Illegal People -- How Globalization Creates Migration and Criminalizes Immigrants (Beacon Press) which won the CLR James Award. Bacon can be heard on KPFA's The Morning Show (over the airwaves in the Bay Area, streaming online) each Wednesday morning (begins airing at 7:00 am PST). And this is from Bacon's "The People of the Central Valley - 2 A Photographic Look at the Diverse Communities of California's Central Valley -- Toolville and its Bad Water" (ImmigrationProf Blog):

Toolville is a tiny colonia, or unincorporated and informal settlement of about a hundred families, in California's rural San Joaquin Valley just a couple of miles outside the small town of Exeter. Over recent years, Toolville residents have discovered dangerous concentrations of nitrates in their water supply, which is pumped from the aquifer below the homes. As in many San Joaquin Valley communities, overuse of the water table, especially by giant industrial farms, has led to a growing concentration of fertilizer and other ag chemicals in the water that remains.
Toolville's residents are all working-class people, many of them farm workers. They can use the water from their taps for washing dishes and clothes, but have to buy bottled water for drinking and cooking.
Eunice Martinez, a leader of the community's effort to gain safe drinking water, looks warily at a jar of water drawn from the tap. Her mother, Margaret, holds their pet Chihuahua at a table where they keep a case of small bottles of drinking water. Across the street from the Martinez house, Natalie and Paco Rojas play in their yard. The health and development of children especially can be harmed by Toolville's contaminated water.

Bonnie notes that Isaiah's The World Today Just Nuts "Presidential Dress Up" and we'll close with this from the Michigan Green Party:

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A number of Green Party of Michigan (GPMI) candidates, campaign workers, and supporters will be gathering at Hazel Park's Phoenix Café (24918 John R Road; 248-667-8817) starting at 8pm on Tuesday, November 2 -- Election Day.

Hosting the party will be Julia Williams -- GPMI's candidate for US House in the 12th Congressional District. The party will be BYOB -- but keg beer and wine will be available,

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Contact information for GPMI candidates before the party -- and for Greens who are not at the party -- is also shown in the attached list.

Who: Green Party of Michigan candidates and supporters.

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