Monday, January 17, 2011

Another US soldier dies in Iraq

Press TV notes another US soldier has died in Iraq, that the death "took place on Monday, [and] is under investigation". Boise's KBOI adds that it is being termed "a 'non-hostile' incident." It's the fourth death in three days [see Saturday's "3 US soldiers killed in Iraq, a fourth wounded"].

Meanwhile Gregg Zoroya (USA Today) reports that approximatley 35,000 US Army soldiers are entitled to stop-loss pay but have not applied for it. To be clear, claiming the pay does not mean you are going to be stop-lossed. This is pay for people who were stop-lossed. Stop-loss is popularly known as the back door draft. It's where you have enlisted, you serve your agreed upon time, you prepare to leave the military and the government informs you that you're not leaving, that they've extended your contract. Those who experienced this are entitled to additional pay and that's what 35,000 soldiers have yet to claim. The deadline to apply has been extended to March 4th. You can visit this DoD page for more information including:

Apply Now for Retroactive
Stop Loss Special Pay

The following service-specific sites provide more information and allow you to begin the RSLSP claim process.



Marine Corps

Air Force

In England, they're gearing up for War Hawk Tony Blair's testimony this Friday before the Iraq Inquiry. The Daily Telegraph reports:

In written evidence to the Chilcot Inquiry into the war, Lord Goldsmith said statements made by the ex-prime minister in the months before the 2003 invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein were incompatible with the guidance he had given.
On January 14 2003 the Attorney General advised Mr Blair that UN Security Council resolution 1441 was not enough on its own to justify the use of force against Iraq.

The Inquiry has published Goldsmith's written statements questioning Tony Blair's testimony of events.

Reuters notes a Baghdad roadside bombing injured three people,a Ramadi suicide car bombing targeted the governor of Anbar Province injuring five people and claiming the life of 1 of his bodyguards, and an attack on a Mosul hospital yesterday left a Christian doctor injured.

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