Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Arrest warrants for politicians coming, says State of Law

In a major development the National Iraq News Agency is reporting:

The MP, of the state law coalition, Sadiq al-Labban revealed that "the government would issue arrest warrants against those who instigated and participated in fueling sectarian strife through exploiting the demonstrations to split the Iraqi National Front, noting that among these names, the Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi. 

This is apparently  another case of Nouri's State of Law political slate being unable to control themselves in public.  In this case, al-Labban has revealed something in existence that Nouri wasn't wanting known just yet.

Rafie al-Issawi is a member of Iraqiya, the political slate that came in first in the March 2010 elections (beating Nouri's State of Law).  He is also Sunni.  Nouri's reputation is one for fighting dirty against poltiical opponents.  If the warrants are real, expect things in Iraq to get a lot worse a lot quicker than many anticipated.  If the talk of warrants if false, al-Labban just made some very uninformed remarks that will have huge repurcussions.

NINA quotes Iraqiya MP Wissal Saleem stating:

The statements of the State of Law coalition's MPs about arrest warrants against the leader of the Iraqiya, Finance Minister Rafie al-Issawi is dangerous [and]  if they have court orders issued by their courts, this is another subject.  We do not know the basis that the state of law coalition's MP is authorized to talk about an arrest warrant while the judiciary did not say anything about it, indicating that the goal is to create new crises after failing of the Government.   These remarks will lead to a backlash, especially at this critical juncture, through which the Iraqi state is passing.

The month of February is winding down.  Through yesterday, Iraq Body Count counts 313 violent deaths in Iraq this month.  That leaves two more days for them to count (today and tomorrow).  And violence is already being reported today. All Iraq News reports that the Mosul Municipality Department's head of Human Resources, Nadhim Khalaf, was shot dead in front of his home and a Baghdad grocery bombing left two people injured.  In addition, they note that a missile has targeted a police station in south Kirkuk.  National Iraq News Agency notes that the beheaded corpse of a 15-year-old male was discovered in Falluja, and, late last night, a stun grenade was tossed at the Basra home of attorney Tariq Jaber.  Also late last night, Alsumaria reports that a person sitting in Baghdad's Cafe Hurriya was shot dead by unknown assailantsAlsumaria also says the corpse discovered in Falluja was that of a 17-year-old male.

Now let's flashback to recent press.  Remember this February 14th headline "French journalist freed from detention in Iraq after outcry"?  Didn't happen.  As noted in Monday's snapshot, the French Foreign Minister met with Iraq's Ambassador in France on Monday to discuss the status of journalist Nadir Dendoune who was not being allowed to leave Iraq despite supposedly being 'released.'  Nadir was arrested for the 'crime' of reporting.  Al Mada carries an AFP article that states the judiciary has dismissed the case against Nadir and that this means he can leave Iraq.  We shall see.  All Iraq News quotes Muayad al-Lamy, the head of the Iraq Journalists Syndicate, stating, "The Iraqi judicial authority decided to dismiss the lawsuit that was filed against the French journalist and the Iraqi person accompanying him and to hand him over all his personal stuff.  The Journalist Syndicate continued its efforts in coordination with the Journalist Association of France and the French Embassy in Iraq in addition to the concerned authorities including the Iraqi judicial authority, to close the lawsuit permanently and all its related items."

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