Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Blood on their hands, all of their hands

What has happened today in Hawija was not an accident. The slaughter has splattered blood on the hands of all involved.  That's Nouri al-Maliki and his trained, extra-Constitutional killers the Tigris Operation Command.

It's not limited to just them, though, there's a blood to go around for all that enabled the slaughter today.

AP notes 20 acivists were killed, 3 of Nouri's killers have met death and will kill no more while nine of Nouri's killers are disabled -- hopefully for life thereby ensuring the safety of the Iraqi people.

Tim Arango (New York Times) reports, "Iraqi security forces stormed a Sunni protest encampment in a village near the northern city of Kirkuk on Tuesday, sparking clashes between government forces and gunmen that left dozens dead and wounded and sharply raised the stakes in Iraq’s sectarian troubles."  Good for Tim, he's a reporter, maybe the last one left working for a western outlet in Iraq.

BBC, the blood drips from their hands:  "The town of Hawija has been under siege since Friday when an Iraqi officer was killed in clashes with protesters there. Security forces demanded that the suspects be handed over but residents did not comply, says the BBC Arabic's Rafid Jabboori in Baghdad."

Has it been under siege since Friday?  Why, yes it has and the English language outlet that told you that?  This one right here.  This crappy little website had the guts to tell you what BBC wouldn't.

Jane Arraf was called a lot of dirty things in the 90s.  The kindest was "Saddam's whore."  Now let's be clear, none of her CNN peers thought she was hopping in the sack with Saddam Hussein, they just thought she was putting out for the government.

Jane apparently couldn't sell the siege of Hawija as a story to any of the outlets she shows up at (Al Jaeera, the Christian Science Monitor, PRI, NPR, etc.).  Or that's her cover story.  But, see, she's got a Twitter account and she loves to Tweet.

So how did you use that account?

Here's Jane's Tweets on Hawija prior to today:

Protestor killed in clashes with army in Huwaijah near Kirkuk. Army says it was defending position. Witnesses say soldiers opened fire

Standoff in near Kirkuk - army allows food, water to protestors. Still demands they give up gunman who shot soldier.

What a proud moment for Nouri's whore.  Some CNN co-workers used to call her Saddam's whore because, they said, Jane knew the way to stay in Iraq was to flatter and fluff for Saddam Hussein.  There are people who worked with her who will never speak to her, they feel that a lot of innocent Iraqis died because of her and her ability to cover for Saddam.  One former CNN producer (Jane, you know who I'm talking about) told me she would do the same thing for Nouri.  He was exactly right.

 This is the coverage of Hawija here:

And we noted it at Third in "Photo of the week."

Sunday, I didn't just write about it, I made a point to talk about a State Dept friend calling me:

  I had thought we'd go over the violence and any election commentary but we only finished at Third about 30 minutes ago and I had a friend at the State Dept who had called repeatedly, I didn't know, the cell phone was off.  He informed me that the US was "closely following" developments in Hawija and figured I was as well.  No, I'd been working on Third forever and a day.  I told him give me 15 minutes to search Arabic social media and I'd call him back with what was being said.  This will be big in Arabic social media but it's not yet.  Most are unaware of what's going on and -- as usual -- you can't count on the western press to tell you a damn thing. Hawija is a hot spot right now.  And we're not going to distract from that with other things -- including the Falluja bombing that we can cover tomorrow.

 I don't usually include that sort of thing here.  I did so specifically to convey just how desperate things were getting.

20 protesters are dead.  Let's all play Jane Arraf and pretend like Nouri al-Maliki's not responsible.  Let's all play Jane Arraf and the BBC and insult the innocent dead while we pretend like real coverage was done about what was taking place.

Patrick Markey and Suadad al-Salhy (Reuters) report "20 protesters dead."

Let's all play Jane Arraf and the BBC and insult the innocent dead while we pretend like real coverage was done about what was taking place.

Now the Iraqi media did cover it.  But for the western outlets?  People like Jane Arraf deliberately miscovered it.

There is blood on your hands as surely as it on Nouri's hands.

One day of poorly attended elections gets massive coverage.  Ongoing protests get nothing.  Nouri's forces kill protesters again and nothing.

There is no hope for most of you.  You live in the hell you have created and there is no escape.  Good for Tim Arango, good for Reuters for refusing to put pretty wall power over a slaughter.  They have some integrity.

The rest?  Blood on their hands.  Cheap, tacky, little whores for a thug.  Nouri al-Maliki will fall and when he does, the world will decry the horrors Iraqis have lived under.  When that day comes, the names of those of you who pretend to be reporters will be known and you will be held accountable in the same way that Henry Kissinger is held accountable today.  You will find travel and movement very difficult.  That's where we'll be in twenty years.

If you're not getting how they whore to power, look up Marwan Ibrahim's propaganda for AFP -- pretend 'balance' which opens with 8 paragraphs presenting Nouri's view and then just three where the protester's view is noted.  And then they're off to various officials.

A sit-in was taking place in Hawija.  There was never a reason for the Operation Tigris Command to bother the protesters, there was never a reason.  They aren't even a legal force.  They are not recognized by the Parliament and all they have done is sew unrest.

But you can't tell that story, you can't tell any stories that are truthful or even based real life because you're too busy whoring.

Iraqi politicians were calling for help on this issue.  The whores didn't report it.  Ayad Allawi begged the United Nations to please get involved for the safety of the protesters.

The western press ignored that as well.

Now 20 innocents are dead.

There's blood on the hands of liars in the press.  There's blood on Martin Kobler's hands and the UN. There's blood on the US government which damn well knew that Hawija needed mediation.  It was being labeled a "hot spot" on Sunday.  It certainly was that.  It's  a real shame that Bully Boy Bush appointed a tyrant and that Barack insisted in 2010 that the tyrant get a second term even though the voters didn't give him that.

People are dead and whores pretending to be reporters are still lying.  Why didn't they tell you about the UK government expressing dire concern about the human rights in Iraq?  Or about the report the UK released Friday? 

These people are paid to do a job, these reporters, they get applauded for it, they get bylines.  Why can't they do their job?  I have no respect for the whores that enabled Augusto Pinochet and I have no respect for the whores that enable Nouri al-Maliki. 

There will be a second entry but I need to fix my eyes and catch my breath. (Fix my eyes means mop up the mascara.)

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