Monday, October 07, 2013

Corpses in the street and still no election law

Today's violence?  National Iraqi News Agency notes that 3 corpses were discovered rotting in the streets of Amiryat al-Falluja.  Again, this is disturbing, these corpses turning up in the streets.  Because?  They were one of the key signatures of the 2006 and 2007 ethnic cleansing that took place in Iraq.

NINA notes a Mosul roadside bombing claimed the lives of 4 Iraqi soldiers and left two more injured, a Mishahda bombing claimed the lives of 4 Sahwa and left five more injured,

The violence never ends.


Because Nouri al-Maliki's a thug.  He can't provide security and he can't stop inciting the people.

Look at this Al Mada news photo.

What do you see?

I see three scared young men who are blindfolded and handcuffed.

Maybe they're killers and maybe they aren't.

Maybe that's why courts exist?  To determine guilt or innocence.

The young men are scared and why are they blindfolded?  Why was their picture taken, let alone distributed to the media?

This isn't about fairness or innocence.  This isn't about seeking truth.

The Ministry of the Interior says the three are killers.

And they distribute this photo to the press insisting the three are killers.

A lot of people will see what I see: Three scared young men.

Those people will have even less faith and trust in Nouri's corrupt government.

Iraq desperately needs new leadership.

And for the ones who can't catch on, Nouri runs the Ministry of the Interior.  His refusal to nominate someone for that post -- or to head any of the security ministries -- means he runs it.

For now.  Maybe the Iraqi people can vote him out of office.  They did in 2010.  But the White House overrode their votes and demanded Nouri get another term.  Will the same thing happen in 2014?  Will parliamentary elections even be held in 2010?

 All Iraq News reports MP Susan al-Saad is noting that in the 2010 elections, the law was that there was a quota for women that was in addition to those women who ran for seats and won.  Instead, she points out that 21 women won seats and these women were then used for the quotas.  She states this issue needs to be cleared up before the next parliamentary election.  Alsumaria reports that Speaker of Parliament Osama al-Nujaifi presided over a session today which 220 MPs attended and that the election bill was raised.

NINA states that a date for the elections was agreed upon: April 30th.  Before the session started, Iraqiya MP Mudhhir al-Janabi predicted to All Iraq News that a law would not be passed in today's session.  Of course, he was correct.  NINA notes Iraqiya MP Haider Mulla has announced no law was passed and states they will not allow "the will of the Iraqi people [to be broken] through the postponement of elections and the failure to approve the law.  This is a red line will not allow it because entitlement for each of the Iraqi people."  Alsumaria notes National Alliance MP Ammar Tohme held a press conference decrying the inability to pass an election law and stating that this is failure that keeps repeating.  Alsumaria reports al-Nujaifi states if they can't pass a law, they will use Law 16 of 2009 -- the parliamentary election law used for 2010. 

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