Monday, October 07, 2013

I have no recipe for chicken s**t salad

As I'm working on trying to upload Isaiah's comic, I'm checking the public account and the most recent e-mails are: What about Law and Disorder Radio?

What about it?

I've noted it plenty of times.

I'm not interested right now.  See. Lynne Stewart matters to me.  They screwed up and did a bad segment on Lynne last week.  As I noted in Tuesday's snapshot, it happens. It wasn't intended, it just happens.  It happens to me all the time.  I noted that in the snapshot.

There are actions for Lynne this week.  But we don't get that heads up from Law and Disorder.  Not in this week's episode.

We get Jim Lafferty, who I like.  But I don't care for his stupid commentary because I never like chicken s**t salad.

Illegal spying?

Tea Party's not behind it or illegal wars.

But Jim gives a commentary where he insults the Tea Party but can't name Barack Obama.

That's embarrassing, that's shameful.

I'm not interested in promoting that crap.

I will defend The Michaels and Heidi for last week's bad segment because it happens.  And it happened because they cared.  They were trying but the well was dry.  I get it and I don't blame them for that.

But to ignore Lynne this week and to waste our time with nonsense like Jim's?

If illegal spying is wrong, if the Libyan War was as wrong as the Iraq War, you learn to say two words: Barack Obama.

If you can't, I don't have time for you.  I'm still stuck with a splint on a finger meaning I'm basically typing with one hand.  Everything I type (the snapshot is dictated) is a pain -- truly, my hopefully healing finger throbs.  But I'm here doing the best I can.

I'll be damned however if I waste my time promoting cowards.

Jim, I love you but that commentary wasn't worth sharing.  Michael Smith gets a little too giddy and a little too childish for my tastes when someone  calls out Republicans.  So eager is he too play partisan warrior.

If I were either of The Michaels, in fact, I'd be public apologizing for supporting Barack in 2008 and again in 2012. Michael Ratner's more of a man and less of a child than Michael Smith but I will never forget how 'strong' and 'loud' the two boys were . . . when it came to attacking Kathryn Bigelow for a film she directed.

Even now, after all of Ed Snowden's revelations about the spying, they cannot summon that same anger -- and hatred -- aimed at Kathryn when they discuss Barack and his illegal spying. 

On a good day, I probably wouldn't have time for it.  With the doctor telling me last week that this damn thing has to stay on another month?  I'm in a lousy mood.  More because I'm longing to play the piano than anything else and can't do so with the splint and the wrapped up hand.  The piano is the thing that has always grounded me.  Give me two or three hours with the piano once every two or so months and I can handle anything.

But even pissed off, not wanting to be online, in pain typing anything, I'm here and I've been here and I've done the heavy lifting and I've covered the serious topics.

I don't have time for Jim Lafferty's crap.  I'm sure it was a big hit with all the people who never do a damn thing.  But for those of us putting in the time required, it's just embarrassing and cowardly.

I have no recipe for chicken s**t salad -- mainly because I'd never eat or serve it.  If you need it for some future function, call Jim Lafferty or Michael Smith -- they'll probably be thrilled to share their recipes.

Lynne Stewart. is a political prisoner in the United States.  For the 'crime' of issuing a press release, she was eventually tossed in prison.  The 'crime' happened on Attorney General Janet Reno's watch.  Reno has her detractors who think she was far too tough as Attorney General.  She also has her supporters who see her as a moderate.  No one saw her as 'soft.'  Reno had her Justice Department review what happened.  There was no talk of a trial because there was no crime.  No law was broken.  The Justice Department imposes guidelines -- not written by Congress, so not laws -- on attorneys.  Lynne was made to review the guidelines and told not to break it again.  That was her 'punishment' under Janet Reno.  Bully Boy Bush comes into office and the already decided incident becomes a way for Attorney General John Ashcroft to try to build a name for himself. He goes on David Letterman's show to announce, after 9-11, that they're prosecuting Lynne for terrorism.

Eventually tossed in prison?  Even Bully Boy Bush allowed Lynne to remain out on appeal.  It's only when Barack Obama becomes president that Lynne gets tossed in prison.  It's only under Barack that the US Justice Depart disputes the judge's sentence and demands a harsher one (under the original sentence Lynne would be out now).  Lynne's cancer has returned.

She needs to be home with her family.  Her time is limited and it needs to be spent with her loved ones.  Lynne's a threat to no one -- not today, not ten years ago.  She's a 73-year-old grandmother who has dedicated her life to being there for people who would otherwise have no defenders.  Even now in prison, she shows compassion towards those who have had none for her.  Barack Obama needs to order her immediate release.  If he fails to do so, then it should be a permanent stain on his record.

Lynne noted last week:

From Deep in the Belly of the Beast ... that is, Texas.

Now another month has passed and I am getting increasingly irritable that these jokers are so cavalier with my life and what time I have left. (I also am getting weaker.)

My application for compassionate release is moving but glacially (Are there any glaciers left? Only in the bureaucracy...). We learned that the request has left the General Counsel's office of the Bureau of Prisons in Washington and is now being considered by an "Independent Committee" (whatever that means). From there it will ostensibly go to the Director, Mr. Samuels, for the final recommendation and request for a motion to the Judge. 

As you can appreciate there is still plenty of room for slips between cup and lip. I truly understand that I, with the strong and consistent support of all 30,000+ of you, do constitute a "threat" in their small universe. That is to say that, the will of the People cannot be ignored forever. With that in mind, I want to urge everyone to come on out on




If you can do this please notify Ralph of your location by sending an email to my web site [1lawyerleft at]  or to this site. We hope this will be nationwide and we can spread the word of the senseless cruelty in the way the Bureau of Prisons administers a program that is supposed to be compassionate. I may be the "poster child" but this is done on behalf of all the prisoners who are languishing, in pain or worse, trying to go home.

Be out there on October 8. It is already an historic day. Let's make it More So!!! Let's Win.

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