Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Is President Poroshenko Taking Orders from the CIA? (Francis A. Boyle)

This is from RIA Novisto "NATO Uses Ukraine Crisis to Wage War on Russia:"

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said the process of the alliance expansion to the East will continue.
NATO is using the Ukrainian crisis as a smoke screen for a war plan and the US has already decided to permanently station troops in Eastern Europe”, says Harvard-educated professor Francis Boyle, a US-based expert on Russia.
NATO leaders are poised to meet in September to debate the initiative to permanently base additional forces in Eastern Europe. “This is just a trial balloon, but in reality it is a war plan unfolding here,” Boyle told RIA Novosti on May 8. “The Ukrainian crisis had been planned as well as the war. There was a war plan, there was a war game. Then it was revised and implemented.” “We are seeing steps now being taken that were planned in advance,” Boyle said, adding, “This is all being used as a pretext to bring NATO military forces, as Rasmussen said, by air, sea, and land right up to the borders of the Russian Federation. They are clearly going ahead with this.”
Boyle extolled Russia for trying to exhaust all diplomatic means possible to resolve the Ukrainian crisis, and accused the United States and NATO of deliberate escalation.

So, that the US won’t be provided with any more pretexts for hostile provocative maneuvers that they are going to take in any event,” Boyle asserted. The professor emphasized that Russian President Vladimir Putin is in a very difficult and dangerous situation and needs to be very careful. “The US has already resumed the Cold War with the neo-Nazi coup d’état in Ukraine that the United States sponsored, controlled, and directed,” he said