Monday, August 11, 2014

Nouri's crazy on full display

Lolita C. Baldor and Julie Pace (AP) report that the White House has decided to send weapons directly to the Kurdistan Regional Government and will be bypassing the central government of Baghdad.  This is huge.  The two reporters, citing administration sources, write things like " the Kurdish peshmerga fighters had been losing ground to Islamic State militants in recent weeks."

That's nonsense.

Even Baldor and Pace have to grasp they're being fed nonsense.

The only reason for the change?

Nouri al-Maliki.

His stunt yesterday finally convinced them how crazy he was.  He's always been known to be paranoid and was, in fact, selected in 2006 for that reason (the US government thought his paranoia would make him a more easily manipulated puppet).

If they're bypassing Nouri, that brings its own risks -- due to his paranoia.

If they're bypassing Nouri, they're basically done with him.

And they should be.

To give Nouri a third term, to appease him with a third term at this point, is to condemn the Iraqi people.

His Sunday stunt, saying he would take the President of Iraq to court, sending tanks to the President's house, insisting that the Speaker of Parliament sue the President of Iraq (this detail is all over the Iraqi press but I haven't seen it picked up in western press) may have been enough to convince the White House just how insane Nouri is and how dangerous to the people of Iraq.

You're seeing cornered rat Nouri start to demonstrate what happens when a thug realizes his hold on power may be slipping.

For the record, his late night speech Sunday contained a number of lies including that he had the largest bloc.  Ibraihm al-Jaffaari's National Alliance has the largest bloc -- State of Law is a part of that allaince.  Nouri's State of Law does not have the largest bloc.

The press needs to calling him out when he lies.

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