Thursday, October 23, 2014

On Iraq and US voter apathy

Alsumaria notes that, despite Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi's September 13th declaration, Iraqi forces continue to bomb the residential neighborhoods of Falluja and that Falluja General Hospital reports receiving 39 civilians injured in today's bombing as well as 1 corpse.  In Ramadi, Iraqi Spring MC notes, 2 women are dead from the bombing of civilian areas.  Another Ramadi attack has left 1 girl dead and her mother and four sisters injured.

The bombing of Falluja is an ongoing War Crime.

People should be prosecuted for it.  The White House looked the other way when Iraq's former prime minister and forever thug Nouri al-Maliki started the bombings back in January.  Now that they are in partnership with the new Iraqi government and offering 'advisors,' they're in bed with these War Crimes.  It's no longer just Barack looking the other way with regards to what's taking place in another country.  These are his War Crimes as well.

You are not allowed to use collective punishment and target civilian populations.  Doing so is a War Crime.  And the US government has been very clear on that when it came to enemy governments.

Reality, it's also true of 'friendly' governments and, yes, of the United States itself.

These are War Crimes and either the US government publicly objects or they are complicit in what their partners in Iraq are doing.

Over at Gallup, Frank Newport asks, "Why Are Americans Less Involved in This Year's Election?"

He asks, but he can't answer.

And after all his hand wringing, as he's winding down finally, he offers:

Finally, I would say it's reasonable to entertain the hypothesis that Americans may be less interested in the elections this year than in the previous two elections because they have reached the point where they don't believe their vote for a specific person, of either party, is going to change much. 

That's as close to reality as he wants to tiptoe.

With Barack at record lows, the reality is buyer's remorse.

The reality is that Hope and Change became No Change.

Bully Boy Bush demoralized the country and hucksters and whores sold Barack as something different to a public desperately wanting to go a new direction.

But Barack was sworn in and his promise that, "This was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow, and our planet began to heal"?

More Hopium for the masses to smoke.

For some whores, the problem with Bully Boy Bush was that he had a strong accent and was from the Republican Party.

For many Americans, however, the problem was the illegal war, the illegal spying, Guantanamo, forcefeeding of the prisoners, using drones to kill people, on and on.

And Barack hasn't just continued the offensives (and, yes, illegal) policies, he's expanded on them.

Barack was sold to them as the direct opposite of Bully Boy Bush and they voted for him only to discover Barack's even worse than Bully Boy Bush.

And even worse than that, as we keep hearing these last weeks as we speak on campuses, there is a feeling that no one represents them.


Yeah, there's disgust there.

But even more so, there's disgust with the so-called commentariat which does a good job whoring for the Democratic Party but a lousy job representing Americans on the left.

A lot of careers have been destroyed.  Former best selling authors can't sell books because they betrayed their audience by abandoning principled stands in order to become cheerleaders for Barack.

The end result is that he will leave the White House a very rich man while his whores will discover they have no one left to lie to because they've already run off the audience they used to have.

It's not just an anger at politicians that the people are feeling, it's also an anger at the chattering class.

And you hear it especially with regards to Barack's continuing the War on Iraq and the silence from supposed antiwar and peace voices and outlets.

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