Sunday, November 16, 2014

Meet The Bad Hair (which won't hide the lies, Sylvia and Chuck)

Chuck Todd's an embarrassment of more than just bad (balding) hair.

He's currently battling Bobby Jindal (Governor of Louis) but when he did (briefly) bring up Jonathan Gruber's remarks about ObamaCare to Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Matthews Burrell, he let her prattle on without ever addressing the claims (except for spaghetti on the wall which fat boy found amusing -- you could practically hear his baby-bump like belly growling).

The claims by the architect of ObamaCare (which are on video, caught on video) about how the passage of it depended upon the "stupidity" (his word) of the American people were brushed aside as Sylvia prattled on and Chuck didn't interrupt her or even follow up on those assertions.

Sylvia probably left the set thinking, "I did good."

No, dear, you didn't.

Brush that rat's nest before you go on TV.

Most readers will probably be too young to remember when Brooke Shields went from young woman/girl of interest to national joke.

It was Wella Balsam that did her in.

The shampoo commericals  went well until this one where she's shaking her head and her soft hair is flowing this way and that and then we get a shot of her speaking and her hair is caked with hair spray.


It's so heavy, it's not just stiff, it looks several shades darker.

It became a joke and SCTV was among the ones making fun of her.

Her acting in bad films didn't hurt, she'd already done Blue Lagoon, for example, and Wanda Nevada and survived them both.

But she lost her cool factor on that ridiculous commercial (which really wasn't her fault, a stylist did not do their job).

Sylvia had the top of her hair caked with hair spray.

The ends weren't.

And her hair at the roots was a rat's nest.

Some people  watching probably didn't catch it but, for those who did, there was little way to avoid it.

And those who couldn't avoid it were left with the information that's she too lazy or ignorant (guess it's not the American people who are stupid, eh, Sylvia/) to take a brush or comb and go from root to end.

If she short cuts that, some will wonder, what else is she short cutting?

On hair and Chuck Todd, shave it or get plugs.  No one's going to hold hair implants against you, Chuck.  But shave it or get plugs because right now your hair looks like a dying Chia pet -- Ch-ch-ch-Chia.

Ruth, Cedric and Wally have covered Gruber in the last days:

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