Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A wealth of corruption

It's hard to know where to start this morning but let's start with a corrupt American.  Doyle McManus, come on down.  In Doyle's world (and bad columns), if you don't support bombing another nation, you're an "isolationist."  And he goes on to note figures on approval of the bombings while never noting that he and the rest of the US media ignored events like the death of 15 civilians (including children) last week when the US-led air bombings fell on the wrong group.

When did Doyle report on that?


If those truths were known, the polling might be different.

Doyle never seems as much the blood on his hands whore who helped killed journalist Gary Webb's career as when he lies and whores for war.

How many kills are you going to have before you retire, Doyle?

Doyle was a little nobody until he did the CIA's bidding and attacked Gary Webb's expose.

I'm failing to remember any journalistic effort by Doyle ever to inform the public.

But when the CIA's stunts were exposed and its reputation muddy, Doyle stepped up to save them by attacking a journalist who had the guts to try to do public service reporting.

Have they no shame?

Enter Jawad al-Bolani.  Tasnim News reports he's issuing statements regarding Iran when they should be wondering why he's not in a jail cell?  The corrupt Minister of the Interior only became more so after Jawad took over in 2006.  The death squads?  He gave lip service against them but he didn't stop them, didn't try to and Iraq just saw more and more violence under his 'leadership.'

His other contributions to 'democracy' are far too numerous to mention in full but we will pause to note that not only did he publicly attack the peaceful protesters in 2013 but he also -- what a prince -- spent the end of March 2010 arguing that the Iraqi people had no right to see the voting totals -- the results -- of the 2010 parliamentary elections.

And then there's the ridiculous John Bingham (Telegraph of London) who takes stenography.

Well save a spot for him in the snapshot.

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