Wednesday, December 10, 2014

That 'antiwar' movement, where are they now?

So yesterday, Barack sends John Kerry to the Senate to argue for continued war on Iraq including the right to send US troops into Iraq to take part in on the ground combat.  The Secretary of State was sent to argue what Barack wants but refuses to put to the people.

And the thought of US troops fighting on the ground in Iraq appalled many on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee -- including Chair Robert Menendez.

But it's the day after and where are our peace leaders?

Iraq Veterans Against the War can put down the bong and get off the couch long enough to 'address' Ferguson.  But that's about all.

They seem confused, don't they?

Iraq Veterans?

Okay, we can follow that.

Against the War.

That's where they get lost.

That's where they stumble.

United for Peace and Justice roused themselves 12 days ago for . . . Ferguson.  Nothing since.

And if you ignore their September publicizing of a IVAW's "gala" (no one showed), UFPJ has to drop back to August 22nd for the last time they noted Iraq (no a shout out in a climate protest does not count as noting Iraq).

A.N.S.W.E.R. also fails.  What a 'solidarity' message to the people of Iraq -- ignoring them.  What a proud moment for an increasingly futile and ridiculous organization.

At World Can't Wait, Denis Loo conducts his never ending police watch.  He's basically a police groupie at this point.  Who knew this was how the organization against war would go down?  By ignoring Iraq so Dennis could make a loo-loo in his pants in public.


Medea was at the hearing waving that ridiculous piece of construction paper yesterday.

But apparently it's too much to call Barack out or, for that matter, post any objection online.

Veterans for Peace is the only group doing anything:

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee is set to vote on authorizing our latest war in Iraq and Syria this week – perhaps on WEDNESDAY.  Call your Senator before the vote using this special toll-free* number: 877-429-0678. This number will connect you with the Capitol Switchboard operator, and you can ask to be connected to your Senator’s office.
You can say: “I am a member of Veterans For Peace.  I understand the Senate Foreign Relations Committee will be debating the use of force against ISIL. I urge the Senator to oppose authorizing force in Iraq and Syria. However, if there are opportunities to constrain the use of force, such as by prohibiting ground troops, I urge the Senator to support those constraints.”
With congressional hawks set to take the reins of power in the Senate, this is our last best chance to prevent further expansion of this new war.
Use of force will not solve the problems that plague the region; indeed, violence has created many of them.  Instead, the U.S. needs to lead an effective response to stop the violence perpetrated by ISIS and to help people in the region restore security. (See statements by VFP and Win Without War.) 
Remember, the holiday break is another opportunity to meet with your Senators and Representatives while they are in town.
Thank you for all you do for peace!
Michael T. McPhearson    

*Toll-free number provided by the Friends Committee on National Legislation, a Win Without War coalition

The so-called 'antiwar' movement died, it rotted from the top, filled with whores who couldn't get real jobs so they begged for money and we stupidly gave it to them.  We foolishly thought the whores would continue working after they got their money upfront.

But they didn't.

And they found a new cause to whore for -- Barack.

It got them media attention and that is what they live for, not social change, not peace.

They walked away from Iraq because they lacked the guts and the spine to stand up but, most of all, because for so many of them it was not about Iraq.

For so many of them it was just an excuse to go after Bully Boy Bush -- not for what he did but because he was a Republican.

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